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I post bits and pieces of my morning drink line up on social media almost daily but I don’t think I’ve ever shared the entire thing with you so here is my super-specific hydration routine. I follow this every morning. I get it prepped the night before. It honestly has helped me so much with less headache days, greater energy and I actually think I have more glowy skin since becoming consistent with this. 



5:30-6:00 AM

This is the first thing I drink in the morning. When I am really on my game, I make this the night prior and it sits on my nightstand. When my alarm goes off, I see this drink and it immediately reminds me to start sipping. 

This was a game changer for me. I would suggest this drink to those who: 1) wake up groggy 2) struggles with headaches and 3) who are very active (which I would assume you are if you’re here reading this!). 

When we sleep, our bodies dehydrate. The worst thing we can do is to consume coffee right away, further dehydrating our bodies and messing with our internal pH. Instead, I drink my electrolyte water first. 

HERE is my homemade electrolyte drink recipe



6:00-6:45 AM

As I sit down to do my hair and make-up, I sip on plain water. I am not too concerned with the actual amount I am drinking; I simply just try to drink. 

This is a bit strange, but I actually don’t like ice cold water in the morning. It feels a little too harsh?! I usually fill my hospital mug with water the night prior and I leave it on my vanity so it’s another reminder to drink.

photo credit



7:00 AM

Is it coincidental that my kids are getting up right now too?! haha. Helllllllo, caffeine! 

I do intermittent fasting so my morning coffee isn’t super exciting. There is some debate on this but I believe if you keep your calories under ~40 calories or less, it won’t break your fast. SO, I add a little splash of creamer to my coffee. 

photo credit



10:30 AM

  • large glass of water (16oz +)
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (with the mother!)
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • lots of ice (this is key to cut the ACV taste)
  • liquid stevia to taste

This is my favorite morning drink and I drink it right before I am about to break my fast. One of the many benefits of apple cider vinegar is that is helps regulate blood sugar levels. Having my ACV drink right before eating helps prevent a huge spike. 


amazon prime water bottles reusable straws

You know I am serious about my hydration game. I have an entire AM drink line up as well as a PM drink ritual. It’s a bit crazy (but so am I lol). In all seriousness, hydration is key to overall health. You’ll hear every guru say that but what does it equate to for the everyday gal and guy like us?! Personally, in upping my water intake, I noticed a decrease in the amount of headaches I get, my skin appears more vibrant and I definitely bloat way less often. Of course, it’s just great for overall health and cell functioning too!


I always have my water bottles and tumblers ready. I also seem to drink more when I have a straw?! I share these products often on social media, so I wanted to include links to my exact favorite ones here.

swell bottle (17 oz) here | swell bottle straw lid here

The swell bottles are my OGs. I’ve used them for 5+ years and I always go back to them because not only do they keep your liquids hot/cold for 24 hours but the design fits well in your hand (you know how most water bottles now are big and bulky?! this isn’t). I use this one most often for workouts because it’s compact yet holds a lot. The 17 oz is my most used size but I do have the larger 30 oz as well. And 99% of the time I use the straw lid!

yeti tumbler here | yeti handle here | extra long stainless straws here

Everyone seems to love Yetis and if it comes in pink, I’ll take it. They are awesome but I have to use them with a handle and straw. Sounds ridiculous but I hate holding the yeti when it’s freezing cold. I also use a straw for just about everything… I drink more with a straw and love these extra long stainless steel ones.

hydro flask here | hydro flask kids cup here 

tumbler lid here | straw lid here

Hydro Flask vs Swell – I use the swell for workouts but I prefer the hydro flask if I want more water OR if I want to add something into my water (cucumber, mint, lemon, etc). I love this kid option too and of course, the straw lid.
stainless steel extra long straws here | silicone straws here

My 2 absolute favorite straws: stainless steel and you know I cannot live without my pink silicone softy straws. They are the best. These longer ones are great for tumblers and you know I like the thicker ones for smoothies!



Never before have I drank so much water as when I got a hospital mug. This thing is pure magic. It’s basic AF but I drink drink drink more water when I fill this bad boy up. Mine is legitamately from the hospital but I found one on Amazon that is nearly identical.

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this is part of my drink line up and if you struggle with headaches or feeling sluggish in the mornings, this has helped me so much with that!


Lauren gleisberg pelvic floor exercises

This is an absolute must! NOT just for moms… for every woman! And, unfortunately, we don’t realize how important it is until it becomes problematic. I am talking about the Pelvic Floor + Core muscles.

Maybe you landed here because you pee yourself a little when you jump, cough or giggle. Perhaps you are reading this because you are a mom and heard these ares are especially important to strengthen. Or, you could be a woman who hasn’t even had children or had children a decade ago and are curious about all this pelvic floor and core hype.

I am glad you are here because regardless of why you stumbled across this page, I know this is going to help you!

As you may have already heard, I am a HUGE advocate for strengthening these areas and today I want to explain the nitty gritty science behind why to and how to strengthen your pelvic floor and core.



Let’s first start with a quick anatomy lesson. 

The pelvic floor consists of muscle and connective tissue that spans the area underneath the pelvis. You can think of the pelvic floor as a hammock, stretching from the pubic bone at the front of the body to the end of the tail bone. The pelvic floor functions to physically support digestive and reproductive organs that sit above it.

The core and pelvic floor are often discussed together because they work together as a system. They must be restrengthened simultaneously to assist us not only during workouts but also through every day movements. 

pelvic floor anatomy



Before I even released my Pelvic Floor + Core Plan, I shared that ALL women (NOT JUST MOMS!) should be doing exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor and core. 

Why?? Think of it this way…

We all have pelvic floor muscles. We all have core muscles. Right? Right! Okay… so just like every other muscle on our body, as we age, those muscles will weaken. The symptoms associated with a weak pelvic floor and core will affect us all. Therefore, it only makes sense for ALL women to be strengthening these areas.

For moms, the pelvic floor and core becomes especially important because of the impact pregnancy has on these areas. The weight of carrying a baby and the trauma caused by delivery makes moms more susceptible to a weak pelvic floor and core (+the associated symptoms).

Do you see what I mean?!

We should exercise and strengthen our pelvic floor and core for both preventative/anti-aging and restorative/postpartum reasons.


Pelvic Floor Disfunction + Weak Core Symptoms:

  • Lack of physical core strength 
  • Lower abdomen pooch 
  • Incontinence (leaky bladder)
  • Vaginal heaviness or pressure
  • Difficulty holding back gas
  • Painful sex



Strengthening the pelvic floor and core can be tricky because it requires specific activation techniques and exercises, which I will explain below. 

TECHNIQUE: before beginning any pelvic floor and core exercises, it’s essential to properly activate these areas, especially the pelvic floor. You could complete months of pelvic floor exercises but without properly activating the muscles, you would never actually work the area or experience the true benefits. I teach the activation technique in my Pelvic Floor + Core Plan and I highly recommend you master these before proceeding through any exercises.

EXERCISES: next up are the exercises. Pelvic floor and core exercises look like “beginner” ab exercises except when completely with the proper techniques I teach, they are much more difficult than they look.



I don’t sugarcoat anything. I give it to you straight. I don’t provide “fluff” workouts. I give you plans that work

The Pelvic Floor + Core Plan works IF you 1) follow the techniques to properly activate and 2) stay consistent with the training. I will continue to follow this type of training for the rest of my life because I needed it to restrengthen after 2 babies and I will continue for anti-aging reasons. 

Results I Noticed:

  • flatter stomach (especially the stubborn lower ab area)
  • healed diastasis recti
  • stronger core during exercises
  • ability to control my bladder during high intense moves (running, burpees, jumps, etc.)
  • vaginal pressure completely gone (this was a struggle after having my 1st son)
  • sexual benefits* (this is a reason a lot of women begin these types of plans in the first place)

OVERALL: I went from having diastasis recti and a weak pelvic floor + core (so weak that I could barely hold a plank for 10 seconds and I peed myself when completing jump squats) to having the flattest, strongest, leanest core of my life (even after a baby!)

^photos are 5 months apart



I designed this for every woman at any stage: new moms, moms who’ve had children years ago + women who aren’t moms


healthy chick-fil-a market salad

Another restaurant. Another healthy order. I could tell you 10 different orders I have at Chick-Fil-A that are absolutely delicious as I’m sure you could tell me. 

I follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition: 80% of the time I am eating nutrient-dense, portioned meals and 20% of the time, I am more relaxed. Of course, I indulge and enjoy at restaurants but part of a healthy lifestyle is being able to select healthier options when eating out.

My goal with the “Healthy Restaurant Orders” blog post series is to empower you to feel confident ordering when you’re at fast food spots and eating out.


  • market salad
  • double chicken 
  • dressing choice of light balsamic vinaigrette (use half)
  • diet lemonade (I can’t resist when I’m a CFA)

MACROS: 14 grams protein | 13 grams fat | 32 grams carbohydrates


NOTE: Chick-Fil-A states the salad contains 7 grams of protein, so doubling the chicken would yield ~14 grams of protein. Crazy girl over here… I once was eating this salad in my kitchen and thought to myself, “this looks like way more chicken than 7 grams of protein. I weighed the chicken and it was 3 oz total, which is approximately 20 grams of protein. Just a little note that there may be more protein on the salad than stated! A win for us!




Local Mexican Restaurants



Let’s Get Organized | Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning products

On a scale of zero to Marie Kondo… how organized are you right now? I cannot express how badly my home (+ life if I’m being honest, haha) needs decluttering and cleaning.  There is no better time than springtime, so let’s get organized.



You know I have a system for just about everything in my life from how I grocery shop to how I pick outfits for the week, so naturally I would have a system to how I spring clean and organize my house from top to bottom.

This system worked so well for me last year. I literally organized every cabinet, drawer and space in my home without feeling like it was a huge undertaking. It was such a success that I decided to redo it this year, and I want to share the system with you if you’d like to try it out too!



I love an organized home but I am not one of those people who wants to dedicate every second of an entire weekend to spring cleaning. With 2 kids under the age of 2 that’s just not feasible for me.

I am going to follow my 6 Week Spring Cleaning + Organization Checklist.  It’s basically doing a few tasks a few days per week over the span of 6 weeks. It is such a do-able style of spring cleaning!

Not only am I looking forward to having an organized home again, but also I can’t wait for my mind to feel organized. The two are so interconnected! Do you find that to be true for you too?!







In last year’s blog post, I broke down each section to share exactly how I clean and organize each week and each task. If you’d like to see more on that, be sure check it out!



MOM PLANS are live! (pelvic floor + core plan too)

The MOM PLANS are here and ready to help all the mamas and moms-to-be out there.

ALSO, as I’ve mentioned many times, the Pelvic Floor + Core Plan is an incredibly important program for all women (not just moms!) and I can’t wait for you to experience the benefits.

It is an honor to support you during this special phase of life… 

I designed these plans to achieve a fit pregnancy with a healthy postpartum recovery. 

They contain everything you need to know on how to workout safely and effectively as well as how to eat during pregnancy and after.

Most importantly, I poured my heart into these plans, sharing my tips & tricks because I want you to enjoy this special time to the fullest and feel your best in the role as mama.

It’s not about getting through pregnancy and getting back to your pre-baby body; it’s about enjoying pregnancy and creating a new, stronger, fitter, happier and more confident you.

That’s exactly what these plans have done for me and I wish the same for you.






bundle + save 10%

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MOM PLAN PREVIEW (pregnancy + postpartum fitness guides and meal plan)

Take a peek inside my MOM PLANS that launch next week. These plans contain everything you need to know on how to achieve a fit pregnancy, recover, see great results and most importantly, feel confident and happy in your role as a mom.

Personally, these plans have helped me navigate the pregnancy and postpartum phases feeling the best I’ve felt in my entire life. Knowing how to workout while pregnant and after baby has given me so much confidence in myself and as a mom. I cannot wait to share this knowledge and my personal tips and tricks with you so you too can see amazing results.


#LGMom Exclusives
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  • pregnancy fitness guide
  • postpartum fitness guide
  • pregnancy + postpartum meal plan/cookbook
  • pelvic floor + core plan

all 4 plans will be available individually as well as in a discounted bundle

Each plan is designed to help you navigate the special phases of motherhood. I simplify and present everything on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active. I share all my tips and tricks on how to thrive as a mom-to-be and mom: physically and mentally. You will feel empowered to live your best life during pregnancy and after.






I created the Mom Plans for my 1st pregnancy with my son, Leo. I was able to go through the pregnancy and postpartum plans in real time to design them exactly for a mama’s needs.

Then, during my 2nd pregnancy with my son, Beckham, I perfected these plans. It’s no surprise that I saw even better results and I can only hope you experience the same!

I will do an entire post next week with y full review and progress on the plan.


As a reminder, you must obtain your health care provider’s approval before beginning these pregnancy, postpartum and meal plans or any plans. I share general information based on what I did while pregnant and after baby following my OB’s recommendations. I am not a medical professional and this information should not be treated as medical advice for you or your baby. Remember you know yourself best as well as your provider.


The temps are warming up and so is my desire to start seeing abdominal definition again. These are 3 training additions and tips I will be implementing to see abs and better result this spring.

As you probably know, our spring fitness, food + lifestyle challenge is called the ConfidenceKini Challenge. It kicks off next month and all 3 of these additions will be part of that challenge to help you get to your goals too.

I know, I know… abs aren’t the end all. BUT, for the past decade, they’re my favorite muscles to see pop through. “Getting abs” was my very first fitness goal back in high school. As a teenager, I even googled “how to get abs” and printed off all the information and exercises I could come across.

Thankfully, my 10 year+ long obsession with abs has helped me learn exactly what it takes to see abdominal definition; now, I can share it and help all of us (myself included!) do what it takes to stay consistent with it. Abs this spring… here we come!



First things first… we need an effective ab plan to follow. I’ll have that exact plan for you in a few weeks but I really want to explain why we need a specific plan and the techniques we need to add. 

Not all ab training is alike. In fact, we don’t just want to do “abs.” When I train, I train the entire core. If you look at the core anatomy…. “abs” are short for rectus abdominis, which are the muscles that run vertically down the front of the stomach (aka the “six pack” muscles). While I focus on training this group, I also incorporate exercises that work the entire core muscle group: obliques, transverse abdominis, erector spinae, etc. 

Even more importantly, we need to focus less on the actual exercises and more on our training techniques. You know I don’t sugarcoat anything… the truth is that almost all individuals can complete an exercise I throughout but the vast majority will not complete it correctly. What I mean by “correctly” is that they will go through the motions of the movement but they will fail to effectively activate and engage the targeted muscle. Only when we activate, engage and work the core muscles will we see the results we are looking for.

With all of that said, we need to focus more on abdominal training techniques to effectively activate and engage. HERE are my #1 best ab training tip that I’ve talked about before. I will be sharing more details on techniques in the upcoming plan.



Next, we need to think about how we are going to reveal those ab results. Ab and core muscles are like any other muscle… we exercise them to build and strengthen. However, like all muscles, they can be hidden by layers of fat. As we are working our core, we also need to simultaneously focus on fat loss.

To do this, I suggest weight training with supplemental cardio.

Why weights? Weight training is, in my opinion, the best way to change our body composition: adding more muscle and reducing body fat. This increases our basal metabolic rate (BMR), allowing us to burn more calories at rest. Our bodies become fat burning machines even when we aren’t working out. That’s why I suggest weights as a foundational exercise.

Supplemental cardio will further our fat loss goals. My preference is to incorporate both HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state) styles of cardio. A typical LG-style workout also throws bursts of cardio into a weighted workout; personally, I find that format helps me focus on sculpting muscle while promoting fat loss.

The key with cardio is to use it strategically. For example, 80% of the year, I do cardio on occasion: 1-2x per week. When I am looking to accelerate my results (like I am currently/will be doing with my training this spring), I use cardio as a tool to increase fat loss. Do you see what I mean?! It’s an addition that I like to have in my back pocket to push myself closer to my goals when I need it.



…because not all training is done in the gym. I will be honest: for me, it’s much easier to get in my daily workout than it is to eat healthy throughout the week. For that exact reason, I have to stick to my meal plan, which is an 80/20 style and allows for regular treats. I use the meal plan guidelines (specifically food combinations and portions) as a baseline and from there, I can make tweaks.


The first nutrition tweak I am going to make this spring is to carbohydrates. Now, I am not entirely sure how I am going to do this because there are lots of options. I just want to share this with you so that you know by tweaking your carbohydrate intake (both the amounts and the timing) you can make strides in your health and fitness game. I may play with carb cycling a little bit or maybe slightly lower my carbohydrate intake for a short period of time; I am not entirely sure yet, but I will share the exact plan when I solidify it.



It’s been awhile since I followed Intermittent Fasting but this spring is the perfect time to start it up again. CLICK HERE for a post I made all about Intermittent Fasting if you’re interested in learning more. In short, it’s a food approach in which you eat during a certain window. There are many benefits to this style of eating but most popular is the fat loss effects.

I’ve seen great results following IF and I’ve seen great results not following IF. So, why follow it? I would say that I saw the most fat loss in a shorter window with IF, which is why I am deciding to start this spring.



These 3 training additions are all components that I know will bring us closer to our ab goals. The biggest takeaway that I want to share is consistency. If we add in these 3 points, we will have to stay consistent with it for the very best effects. We can do it!

PRODUCT REVIEWS – the unprofessional, professional product reviewer

As you know, my dream job is to become an unprofessional, professional product reviewer ;):) In all seriousness… I am a product junkie and obsessed with sharing all the things I love and a few things I think you should steer clear of. I love mixing mostly affordable finds with a few high end splurges.

Here I will be sharing all the product links I mention on social media.

Don’t forget to follow my new product review Instagram account for more in depth reviews:  @un.profesh.product.reviewer

women's apl techloom bliss sneaker lauren gleisberg


These are my current favorite sneakers! First off… HERE is a blog post on all my favorite sneakers for each specific workout and HERE is a blog post of an in depth product review on if APL sneakers are worth it. These particular sneakers… so worth it! I’ve never worn a pair more than I have worn these. They’re cute, functional and not everyone at your gym will be wearing these.



I’ve been using mini bands quite often in my workouts and these are the exact ones I use. I’ve had them for several months and they’ve held up very well. If I am being honest… I am a sucker for cute things and I purchased these for the colors haha.


The most comfortable slide ons I own. The sole seems to be molded to your foot for ultimate comfort. The platform is such a cute twist yet they’re very functional. I was hesitant on an all white shoe but these have held up when put to the test (and marks wipe right off). They fit TTS; I am a size 9 and bought a size 9.


abercrombie and fitch half zip sherpa sweatshirt


If you follow me on social, you know I wear this practically every other day. It’s the coziest sweatshirt I own and I’ve gotten more use out of this one piece than any other item purchased this year. I am normally a size XS but bought this in a S because I prefer the oversized fit.



I took a chance on ordering clothing for Amazon and couldn’t be more pleased! I am a sucker for a sophisticated, elegant, collared top. The pearl detail is so cute and feminine. The fit of this top is “boxy” but I find it’s super flattering to wear as is or with a front tuck into skinny jeans. Fits TTS. I ordered a small. 

ALSO, when you click the link, there are a few pearl options, I bought color: Black-1 (pearls lining the collar)


cropped hoodie lauren gleisberg


Another Amazon Prime find! I love cropped hoodies with high waisted leggings but I don’t like my stomach to show. I ordered a medium (I am normally a XS-S) so that it would be longer. It’s great and doesn’t show my tummy. I also like that it’s lightweight. I wear it to the gym as well as when I’m running errands.


amazon ruffle top lauren gleisberg


My favorite Amazon Prime fashion find so far! This top is amazing quality. It’s so chic looking. I love the high neck and ruffle details. I am normally a size XS-S and in this I ordered a S; it fit perfectly but I would suggest ordering up because it’s form-fitting. I want it in another color that’s how much I love it!

best amazon bed sheets lauren gleisbergREVIEW:

These are the bedsheets I’ve talked about for well over a year. THOUSANDS of you have purchased these too and rave about them like I do. They have almost 50,000 positive reviews. They’re so good, I wrote an entire blog post on them HERE If you want the short… they’re the most luxurious $25 bed sheets you’ll ever get your hands on. 


tyler's laundry detergent diva lauren gleisberg


Because you know how obsessed I am with my bedsheets (above); this takes the experience to the next level. This is a splurge product that is well worth it. DO NOT use this on your day-to-day laundry; then, it will last you well over a year. I use this exclusively on our bedsheets, towels and guest linens. Expect to receive a compliment on the scent from EVERYONE! No exaggeration every guest we have asks, “what laundry detergent do you use?!” When I hop in bed after using this, it’s as if I am at a spa. I sound ridiculous but you too will be singing praises after using this. It’s a treat yourself product.

bravado designs nursing bra lauren gleisberg


I am often asked which nursing bra I use. Just so you know my buying style… I mix high and low end pieces; I always look for the best value and a good deal but I am all about a splurge if it means I am getting quality. There are a lot of nursing bras out there but I found this one is the best. There is nothing worse than a nursing bra that isn’t functioning properly at 2am when you’re exhausted.

This one is comfortable, folds down and has quality clasps. This is why I love it too… you can use a hands free pumping attachment with it (I’ll link that here too). I also have a black and white nursing tanks by this brand and they look very flattering and high end. Postpartum fashion at its finest ;):)




uppa baby vista stroller lauren gleisberg


Buying a stroller is like buying a car: lots of options and it’s pricey. This is the very popular one that we decided on and I am (still) so happy with the decision. This stroller is on the high end of strollers available. In my opinion, the quality and options with this are worth it to us because we use our stroller multiple times per day. It comes with a bassinet and a seat. It has the ability to turn into a double stroller. There are so many useful accessories and attachments. AND… the drive (yes, like a car) is so comfortable; you’ll feel the difference with this.


CLEK fllo infant car seat lauren gleisberg


Toddler car seats. We had our infant car seat installed through a program that ensures it’s correctly installed. When we did the woman said, “if you spent the money on this car seat, I would recommend spending the money for the Clek car seat next.” From my research, Clek is one of the best when it comes to safety. There are 2 Clek options: foonf and fllo (who comes up with these names?). We choose the more narrow one fllo. We LOVE it! It sits pretty upright which is what we were looking for (Leo doesn’t like to be reclined) yet it is so spacious for him. We own others (car seat queen lol) but we will be buying this one again for Beckham. 


mpow wireless headphones lauren gleisberg


Sharing a review on my husband, Anthony’s most commonly asked about product… his inexpensive wireless headphones. Both Anthony and I have had several pairs of Beats headphones and Anthony says, “I’m not a headphone snob. I just like headphones that work and are pretty good quality. For $39.99, I would buy these over the Beats again. And, I have. I’ve actually purchased a second pair just to have. Can’t recommend these enough.”


Serving up another super simple dinner recipe. In our house, we call this recipe “sketti” and everyone (from my husband to my 1 1/2 year old and even myself) go back for seconds. This healthy simple spaghetti dinner recipe is one that I know will become part of your regular meal rotation. 



1. How many sets of silverware do you have?! I told you this was a random thought list lol. When we were eating this sketti dinner, I realized we are almost always out of forks. I think we have 8 small, 8 large forks and we run our dishwasher every other day. It’s pretty much just my husband and I, but I think I need to buy some more.

2. I am in a huge spring cleaning mindset at the moment. I want to completely declutter and I feel like donating everything I don’t use on a regular basis. The majority of what I would be donating is still great stuff and I want it to have a nice home to go to… I am trying to find the best place to donate. Any ideas?!

3. Speaking of spring, each morning I’ve taken my son to school this week, there has been a windchill of 20-something degrees IN HOUSTON, TEXAS! I grew up in Wisconsin so I am no stranger to the cold and I actually like when it’s chilly in Texas (it’s a nice change from the heat and humidity). However, I am ready for sunshine and warmth. I think some spring clothing shopping will help ;):)

4. I have a new kitchen cleaning hack which is… burning a specific candle that makes my kitchen smell clean even when it looks like a mess haha. You know I’m obsessed with Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candles. The Limoncello candle is what I currently have burning all day, every day. 

5. As I am sitting here typing this, I just looked up and saw a toy lawn mower in the middle of my family room. I cannot help but laugh right now. My son’s favorite toy is a lawn mower. He is actually on a second, upgraded one because he outgrew the first (the handle was too low now haha). If you have a little around Leo’s age, try a toy lawn mower.

6. I’ve gotten at least one Amazon package delivery every day for the past few weeks. I’ve started ordering everything through Amazon prime – household cleaning products, clothing, diapers, food (yes, food!), everything! And… if I can let you in on a little something before I share with everyone. I finally started my product review IG (content coming soon!) NEW IG HERE


Print Recipe
Healthy Simple Spaghetti
Course Entrees, Main Dish
Cuisine Italian
Keyword pasta, spaghetti
Course Entrees, Main Dish
Cuisine Italian
Keyword pasta, spaghetti
  1. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook the ground meat
  2. In a separate pan, cook pasta according to package directions
  3. When pasta is done cooking, drain and add it to the skillet with the meat
  4. Immediately add the pasta sauce, keeping the heat on medium
  5. Stir the mixture and add in the parmesan cheese; allow to simmer for 3-4 minutes


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