Which Plan Is Best for You – Try A Sample Workout from Each of My Workout Plans

I often get asked which plan is best or which workout I would suggest for a particular goal. Picking the right program is one part aligning your goals with your training and one part personal preference. I always want you to find the workouts that get you to your goals in the most effective way, and I also want you to ENJOY the workouts. This is part of the reason why I offer so many programs. I have included sample workouts from my top plans for you to try and find out which plan is best for!



This workout is from my Weight Training 3.0 Plan – one of my all time favorite programs I’ve released!


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This workout comes from my 30 Day Home Workout Plan – If you are looking for intense home workouts, this plan is where it’s at. These workouts kick my butt every time!


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This workout is from my Quarterly Weight Training Plan (WTP 2022 Q3) – All of my Weight Training Plans feature traditional weight training workouts and this day adds in a cardio burst, which is “fun” lol.


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This workout is from my Pelvic Floor + Core Plan – This is a type of training I highly suggest looking into… it’s transformed my core in strength, appearance and everyday functionality.


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This workout comes from the Circuit Training Plan. This plan combines weights and circuits for perfect switch up workouts!


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