My Christmas Trees + Garland (main tree, pencil trees, kid trees, flocked trees, etc.)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! November 1st marks the official start to the holiday season for me… I know, I’m one of those annoying ones who thinks “there is no such thing as too early” but I just feel so happy with my holiday decor up, so I try to extend that as long as I can.

This past weekend, we had a friend who is an interior decorator come over to help make our decor look a bit more fabulous. I had a vision for a very minimal and natural look for my foyer garland, main tree and mantle. I am thrilled with how it turned out! When I shared about it on Instagram stories, I had so many questions on source details and links, so I wanted to share here where you can access now and forever.

I’m going to keep a running list of decor and source links for you all. Below, you will find a lot of the decor you’ll be seeing in my home this holiday season. I’ll continue adding things here.


My Main Tree

10 ft. Green Fir Tree

This is the maim tree in my foyer.

They have 6.5 and 10 foot options; we purchased the 10 foot. It’s a perfect shape- a great size without being too big. It has so many branch tips that it looks full yet you can appreciate the definition of each branch. It looks so realistic and beautiful in person.

Iridescent Ornaments

These are not the exact ornaments since my decorator went to a shop in Houston that only decorators can go to. I did try to find a very similar option and you can search anywhere for iridescent ornaments. I have multiple sizes of ornaments throughout my tree.

If you are local, feel free to reach out to Jami ( here ) – she did my tree and may be able to help you more.

2.5" Ivory Canvas Ribbon

Another VERY similar option to the ribbon I used. Jami also purchased the ribbon but this one looks nearly identical!

Eucalyptus Leaves Stems – 6 Pcs

I stuck these in throughout the tree and it helped make the tree look more full and natural.

Other Trees

7 ft. Cashmere Pencil Tree

I have this tree in both of my boys’ rooms and they love to decorate them in their own way. It’s become one of my favorite tree’s to decorate now that they have their own opinions.

7 ft. Flocked Pencil Tree

I have this flocked tree in my bedroom.

Red Beaded Garland Ribbon
Gold Beaded Garland Ribbon

Tree Collars

23" Seagrass Tree Collar
23" Galvanized Tree Collar


Last year, I fell in love with the natural greenery garland look. I purchased a 6 ft garland off of Etsy for my mantle for $400 (it was a splurge and truthfully, so overpriced). I needed 80 feet, so I knew that I wasn’t doing that option lol. I set out to create my own.

6' Vermont Pine Garland

The base garland I used. It’s the typical Christmas garland, but it is SO FULL and an amazing price.

6' Cypress Pine Garland

This is the second strand of cypress pine garland I tied into that base garland; this gives it that natural greenery look which is exactly the look I was trying to achieve.

Eucalyptus Leaves Stems – 6 Pcs

I added these to both the garland and the tree. This really completed the look and brought it all together!

2.5" Ivory Canvas Ribbon

I also added these to both the garland and the tree. It make the garland look even more elegant.


Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Wreath Storage Bag
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