Welcome to a place where we focus on results from the inside out, feeling just as great as you look and finally finding that healthy balance in your life.

Hi, I’m Lauren and I started this blog in 2012 as a college student studying biology and working towards becoming a dentist: more on that below. I simply shared my daily workouts with friends and thanks to the power of the internet, my little blog was able to reach women all over the world. Today, tens of thousands of women follow my science-backed, effective plans and connect to make the journey more enjoyable.

My journey.

I began working out regularly in high school and I was definitely a cardio bunny at first mostly because I didn’t know how to workout any differently. My then boyfriend, now husband, Anthony is who I can thank for getting me hooked on weight lifting. Now, I’m obsessed.

I love the way weight training improved my entire self. Physically, I feel so accomplished after a workout and enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing muscle definition.
My physical strength has transpired into inner strength, which I believe is the best result. I’ve found that life is about feeling good and being happy, which is something this lifestyle has given me.

Through healthy living, I’ve learned a lot about myself and gained so much confidence and courage.

In 2014, I gave up my seat in dental school to pursue my dream of creating a health and happiness brand that would inspire and empower others to look better, feel better and lead lives they love.

That’s exactly what I do now. I combine my Bachelors of Science and my decade of personal and professional health and fitness experience to help others get in their best shape physically and mentally through a variety of programs.

I specialize in helping women achieve a fit and lean body through weight training and maintainable eating solutions to ultimately boost their self-confidence and overall happiness.
I live in Houston, Texas with my hilarious husband, Anthony and our precious boys, Leo and Beckham. We are your everyday family who enjoy leading a healthy, happy lifestyle.
I’m so glad we found each other and I cannot wait to be a part of your journey!


Fun Facts

boy mom (+ Anthony)
years running LG
years weight training
bathrobes & counting


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