Weight Training Plan Q3 is here: the best summer workouts!

I am beyond excited to share the Weight Training Plan Q3: 6 weeks of highly effective workouts designed to build muscle + shed fat. Whether you’re looking to make serious physical improvements, in need of a healthier lifestyle change or just looking to feel confident over the summer, this plan will help you do exactly that. Let’s get at it, Q3!


Weight Training Plan Q3: High Intensity
  • 6 Week Workout Plan: weight training, cardio + abs
  • Home + Gym Versions: both are included in this plan
  • Effective Training Approach: designed to make body composition changes- more muscles + less fat
  • Form Demonstrations: photos of every exercise are included for an easy-to-follow format
  • PDF Download: the plan is yours to keep + use whenever, wherever
  • Weight Training Manual: 30 page manual included to teach you everything: how to build muscle, how much weight to use, what type of cardio is best for you, stretching, supplements + more

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I highly suggest combining the WTP Q3 with nutrition components to accelerate your results.

Scientific Facts:

  • Calorie Deficit = weight loss
  • Calorie Surplus = weight gain
  • Equal Calories In + Out = maintenance

I recommend adding on the Macro Book to understand how much to eat for your goals; this will get you in a deficit, surplus or maintenance. I also suggest my Cookbook to have 300+ recipes that will help you see results while eating meals that taste great and are easy to make. I only track a few times per year to speed up results. In between, I intuitively eat without actually counting. When you get your numbers and even track just one time, you begin to understand your portions for your goals. Whether you want to track short term or long term, these are game changers in seeing results.


Do I have to follow Q2 before Q3?

No way! My Weight Training Plans are an umbrella style of workouts: traditional weight training. I release new versions so we always have new and effective workouts to follow. The WTPs can be completed in any order!

Are you going to be following this plan?

The WTP Q3 is a PDF download. You can use it at your own pace. I will be following the program beginning Monday, June 21st if you would like to follow along with me and enjoy the community accountability. Not necessary, just a fun bonus!

What equipment do I need?

To follow the home version, you’ll need:

  • dumbbells
  • resistance band
  • bench/step

Both the home and gym versions are included in your purchase. Some people have additional equipment like barbells and a cable machine, so you’ll be able to see how to implement more equipment if you do have that available.

What types of workouts are included?

LG workouts are challenging yet doable. They’re effective and results-driven, so your hard work will pay off. The WTP Q3 features traditional weight training workouts for muscle building as well as cardio + core, so you get it all.

There are new workout formats and exercises added to keep the workouts fresh and engaging.

How long/often are the workouts?

Per my usual LG style, these workouts are 30ish minutes. I can finish in 30 mins on a busy day, or if I want to add on the suggested cardio or do a few additional rounds of a circuit, it’s more like 40 mins.

I plan out 5 workouts/week for us but suggest going at your own pace. For example, if you workout 3 days/week: Week 1 = Days 1-3 and Week 2 = Days 4-6.

Is it beginner-friendly? or advanced?

The WTP Q3 workouts are suitable for all fitness levels. You can tailor to you by selecting how much weight you use, rest times, number of rounds, etc. Use the Weight Training Manual as a reference for this.

How is this plan different from the other WTPs?

This WTP Q3 features both build and burn days. The build days are traditional weight training- workouts you’ve come to know and love in the WTPs. The new, burn days are higher intensity, faster paced workouts (circuits, supersets, etc.) I love the combination and how every day feels different!

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