Fall Challenge Sample Workout: Glutes + Cardio AMRAP (Day 5)

It’s the final day of preview week! Thank you for joining me for freebie workouts this week to give you a taste of what you’ll find in my Fall Challenge. The challenge kicks off this Monday, October 5th. The workouts will be now available exclusively to those who purchase/participate in the challenge. You can sign up for the challenge below and don’t forget to use that 15% off discount code this week (code: fall15)!


About Today’s Workout

An AMRAP is a fun workout protocol in which you set your timer for a specific number of minutes. Mine will be set at 30 mins, but you can choose whatever time frame works best for you. You simple complete As Many Rounds As Possible (hence AMRAP) in those 30 mins. However, this does not mean that you rush through the workouts! Take your time, feel the moves, practice proper form, but keep those rests to a minimum.

lauren gleisberg fall challenge sample workout


lauren gleisberg fall challenge sample workout


use code FALL15 to take 15% OFF


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