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You’ve likely heard me mention CBD a time or two over the past year. I actually purchased my first CBD oil tincture after reading a blog post by a woman whose words I related to so much. And, that is my goal in writing this post; I hope it feels like a big hug of information because this is a product I am beyond passionate about. I have recommended CBD to my father for help with his sleep problems, to my Nana for aching joints, to my best friend who is anxious and going through a hard time, and I myself use it 3x/daily. Let’s just get into it….

lauren gleisberg equilibria cbd review


  • What is CBD
  • How I Discovered CBD
  • My Personal Experience + What I Notice
  • The Brand + Product I Use
  • Money Saving Tips


CBD is all over… I hear about it on advertisements. I see it on my social media feed. My friends all talk about it. But, what exactly is it?! CBD is short for cannabidiol and it’s 1 of over 150 compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

I learned that the Cannabis Sativa plan can be grown in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. as “industrial hemp” with less than 0.3% THC content (federally legal) 
  2. as “marijuana” with up to 30% THC content (the THC content is the psychoactive part, which can cause the high effect.

CBD interacts with receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) within the body; the ECS plays a role in regulating sleep, our mood, inflammation and the body’s homeostasis (the body’s state of balance).



I’ll be really raw here… I pride myself on maintaining a happy and positive mindset. I’ve felt that way most of my life. Last year, after having my second son, I experienced a lot of anxiety and internal struggles (more on that here). My anxiety was so intense that it affected my sleep, ability to handle my responsibilities and get through the day… let alone enjoy my days. I spoke with my OB about what I could do, and she was the one who told me that CBD was worth a try.

For any fellow science nerds, I wanted to share 2 studies on the effectiveness: here on mood and here on sleep


First off, I want to say that I think of CBD like healthy eating. If you do it once, there are obviously beneficial nutrients you’re getting right away. Taken daily and with consistency is when I noticed a difference.

What I Notice Most:

SLEEP – the thing I notice most about using CBD is how well I sleep. Evenings are one of my higher anxiety times, thinking about all I have to do/all I didn’t do. It’s hard for me to shut my mind off at night. CBD helps me relax and sleep like a rock… those types of sleeps where you fall asleep and wake up in the same position. I feel so rested, and this has been the game changer in how I feel each day.

ANXIETY – since starting CBD, I’ve definitely felt a reduction in my anxiety. I just feel that I can handle my obstacles better if that makes sense.

FOCUS – I thought CBD would make me sleepy during the day because of how well it helps me sleep, but I actually started taking some in the AMs and notice I have much better focus. Almost like it takes away anxiety to allow me to channel my energy into getting stuff done.

OVERALL BALANCE – if I can sum it up, CBD has a cumulative effect on my life. I sleep better. I wake up feeling better. I have less anxiety throughout the day. I am focused and productive. I feel that I can handle problems when they pop up. I truly feel more balanced and have noticed a real increase in my overall wellbeing.


I have used CBD for over a year and said I wouldn’t share which product until I totally stand behind one. Several months ago, I shared in my newsletter that I found a brand I love and use, and would share soon. Here we are…

I use Equilibiria products:

THIS oil tincture is what I take before bed + in a wave of anxiety (it’s fast acting)

THESE soft gels are what I take for a slow release (either with lunch for the work/home transition or to keep me alseep overnight)

I subscribe to THIS monthly subscription for those products

^don’t buy anything yet (I have a code laurengleisberg for 20% off); please read this post in full, do your own research and if you consider buying, read my money saving tips below


WHY EQUILIBRIA: Quality. Period. That’s always the most important to me with anything I ingest or put on my body. Equilibria has their own 1100 acre partner farm in Colorado where all the CBD is fully traceable. The product is clean: CBD without the fillers and money making middle-men, so you know you’re getting *consistent* and *quality* CBD.



How much CBD do you know how to take?

I take 1/2 dropper in the AM, a soft gel with lunch and 1/2 dropper before bed. That was what the Equilibria dosage specialist helped me tailor for me/my stress and sleep. Prior, I was taking the full dropper before bed. I highly suggest speaking to the specialists- my new routine and amounts have made an even greater improvement.


Do you use it daily?

I do! I also learned that CBD builds up in your body. It’s all about consistency- just like you wouldn’t take birth control one random day and expect it to work.


Does it make you feel weird?

Not at all. There is no high (if that’s what you’re thinking- I thought it too). I feel zen and relaxed; honestly, I feel most like my true self.


Does it make you sleepy?

CBD has improved my sleep so much and I wake up feeling rested and alert. I strongly dislike how sleep meds knock me out and then I’m groggy the next AM. I take 1/2 dropper before bed and it relaxes me to the point that I peacefully fall asleep. After I spoke to the dosage specialist, she suggested 1/2 dropper in the AM for me for focus . I was concerned I would be tired but instead it it helps take away any overwhelm so that I can be productive (no fatigue).


Do they taste bad?

The soft gels are no biggie. The oil tincture doesn’t bother me at all. Think of dropping tasteless olive oil under your tongue for a few seconds. There is also mint flavor, but I personally prefer no flavor.


What if it doesn’t work for you?

CBD is pretty personalized just like everything, right?! When I spoke to that dosage specialist, she slightly tweaked what I was doing and that improved things even more for me. So, I would definitely suggest taking advantage of that benefit because  timing and dosage are two huge factors. Also, CBD has a compounding effect, meaning the benefits build up. I’ve only noticed this when I accidentally ran out of a bottle. This just means consistency is key.


I asked the brand for a code to share with you guys, but I want to share how to save the most money. I highly suggest a subscription (you can cancel at any time – even after the first purchase if you want), but you can get 20% off PLUS stack it with my code laurengleisberg for an additional 15% off

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