NEW Pelvic Floor + Core Plan 3.0 & May Workout Calendar

The highly anticipated Pelvic Floor + Core Plan 3.0 is available now. This advanced 3.0 version is more than “a next step” and jumps to another level of intensity for even greater results you can see and feel. It’s a great addition to the May Workout Calendar (below) or any workouts you’re already doing. Enjoy a discount with code: SPRING15 during launch week!

Pelvic Floor + Core 3.0

Weeks 13-24 of a best selling program. I achieved my strongest, tightest + flattest core using these workouts.

  • strengthen + sculpt
  • target the deepest core + pelvic floor muscles
  • 12 week plan: 3 workouts/week, 10-12 min workouts
  • add onto any workouts you are currently doing
  • no equipment required

this plan is NOT for use while pregnant


calorie-burning circuits + muscle-sculpting workouts + the very best core training

I put together a workout calendar plan for us for the month of May. This hybrid training workout calendar has a daily workout from 3 of the community favorite fitness programs. I call it “hybrid training” because it utilizes a variety of styles: weight training, circuits + core for an effective and fun training switch up.

lauren gleisberg may workout calendar


PLAN RECOMMENDATIONS (use code SPRING15 for 15% off)

Of course, I would love for you to join me in following the May Workout Calendar and Pelvic Floor + Core Plan 3.0 but I am most interested in you finding the best program for you and your goals. Here are some plan recommendations for you to snag while everything is on sale.

GOAL: build muscle + lose fat
This plan is how I train 80% of the time. These plans help me make the most body composition changes: more muscle and less fat.

GOAL: hit goals faster + in the most efficient way (whether it’s losing fat, maintaining weight or gaining muscle
I cannot suggest a plan more than this one. It’s helped my husband lose 50 lbs in a year and how I cut and maintain. It WORKS! This book will simplify it and help you find out exactly how to eat for your goals.

GOAL: enjoy healthy eating + meal ideas
This cookbook has 300+ delicious and nutritious recipes… lighter versions of favorite foods like pizza, casseroles, tacos and more. These are meals my entire family eat and love.

GOAL: healthy pregnancy + postpartum recovery
These are the exact plans I followed with both of my pregnancies to maintain a healthy, strong body while pregnant and enjoy a smooth recovery back into my fitness routine. These workouts really challenged me while being exactly what each phase of pregnancy/postpartum called for.

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