My 2022 Goals: personal, family, career, finance + more

I am constantly setting goals and the New Year combined with my birthday 6 days later always presents the perfect opportunity to sit down, analyze the past year and set goals for the upcoming year. For some reason, I have a very confident feeling heading into this year. I just have this peaceful knowing that what I set out to do is going to happen in amazing ways. I’ve prayed a lot about this upcoming year, and I’m excited to see it unfold.



In addition to setting goals, I like to pick a word (or in the case of this year- 2 words) that trickle down into all of my goals. I use these words to guide me in my decision making and actions throughout the year.

My 2022 words are simplify and elevate.

SIMPLIFY: The book Essentialism describes this concept as discerning between the vital few and the trivial many. I want to focus on quality moments, people and tasks. I want to rid myself of clutter: physically and mentally. Something my grandfather told my dad and my dad has always repeated to me: “keep your life simple and you’ll always have a good life.” I find that more and more true with each year. As I proceed through this year, I will prioritize simplicity, which, for me, leads to more peace.

ELEVATE: with less “noise” in my life, I will use that as a powerful place to elevate key areas of my life. The phrase I’ve been repeating a lot is “move the needle.” I look forward to significantly elevating particular areas in my life… like I get butterflies… excited to jump out of bed in the AM… type of emotions about this.


I always set goals in different categories to help ensure a well rounded year.



ELEVATED VIBE: My girlfriend sent me a sweet message on my birthday, saying how that every time she hangs up with me or leaves hanging out with me, she feels uplifted and more confident. That was truly the ultimate compliment, and exactly one thing I hope to work on this year. This is one of the first years that I feel very confident about where I am at (even though I’m striving for so much more); I really hope that every interaction I have, I leave it a little better than when I came.

AM + PM ROUTINE: I find a lot of success comes from daily habits. This year, I hope to establish a simple yet impactful morning and evening routine and stay consistent with it. The way I begin and end my days sets the tone

REFINE WARDROBE: I want to donate at least half of my entire wardrobe. I find myself wearing the same 10% of my clothing 90% of the time, and I would like to simplify and have a closet of items that excite me (not just a whole lot of things)

READ FOR 15 MIN/DAY: I got a Kindle for Christmas, and my goal is to read a minimum of 15 minutes each day

GET CHOOSY AF ABOUT MY TIME: I have a bad habit of saying “yes” to everything and finding a way to make it work even if it costs me my sanity. Time is the most important thing we have and I want to spend it wisely… more time with my family, more time with only my closest friends, more time on impactful work, and less time on the stuff I feel obligated to do.

*I do have a few other, deeper personal goals that are staying personal 😉



FOCUSED WORKOUTS THAT EXCITE ME: I can easily get caught up in recording my workout, taking notes for work purposes during my workouts, and so on; this year, I want to be sure that I’m having focused workouts and just really enjoying them!

FULL HEALTH WORK UP: I am going to take a deep dive into my inner health with the help of both western and eastern medicine providers. I feel blessed to be incredibly healthy, so I want to get baseline numbers for things so that as I age, I have a solid reference. Also, if there is anything I can do to get proactive about things… I want to know!

TEACH MY KIDS ABOUT HEALTH: this is something we’ve already started by working out with our boys as a “fun activity” and using particular language around food; we talk about choosing foods that make us feel good and healthy and make us strong and fast. I want to continue down this path with them!

COOK + EAT DINNERS AS A FAMILY: dinner time with a 2 and 4 year old after a school/work day is truthfully the most chaotic time of our day. We don’t always sit down as a family. We get the kids set. Then, we get up and down 26 times, helping them. Simultaneously, I’m popping something in the washing machine and Anthony is finishing an email. I would love to start having the boys get involved in cooking with us and eating together as a family.

MEDITATION: meditate daily. mediate more. I started this around Thanksgiving of this past year, and it’s been very transformative for my inner peace.



DAILY SPECIAL TIME WITH MY BOYS: every day, I am committed to 15 minutes of uninterrupted, one-on-one time with each of my boys. Some days, it make be a planned after school adventure and other days it may be an extra special bedtime.

TAKE A TRIP EVERY OTHER MONTH: I want this to be a year of adventure for my family. Every other month, I want to plan a trip – big or small – to enjoy! Anthony and I have some places we’d like to go and we have some special family trips we have planned as well!

FIBULAR HEMIMELIA ADVOCACY: as many of you know, Leo was born with a very rare condition known as fibular hemimelia and he absolutely rocks a prosthetic leg. This year, I would like to lean into limb difference awareness advocacy. Through this amazing digital world, families who receive a similar diagnosis reach out to me, and I would love to explore this connection and support further.

BABY #3: although I know this is entirely in God’s hands, I hope and pray that this may be the year we get pregnant with our third baby. It thrills and scares me just typing that!



HIRE NEW TALENT: we are very excited to make a few key hires this year, bringing on some super talented individuals to the team.

LAUNCH OUR NEWEST PROJECT: we have been working on a HUGE project for the better part of this past year. Because of supply chain issues and the way of the world, we’ve hit an unforeseen number of obstacles and delays. This is the year that we get to reveal it, and I couldn’t be more excited!

ELEVATE OFFERINGS: for my LG Community, we have so many exciting plans to turn into reality this year to provide an absolutely elevated health and fitness experience for you!



HIT BIG INVESTMENT GOALS: Anthony and I are committed to saving as much as possible this year and putting it right into our investment accounts. It makes me giggle because this is such a game to us. Google a compounding interest calculator, play with numbers and tell me it’s not a little bit addicting 😉

PURCHASE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES: this is something we’ve talked about for quite some time, and look forward to purchasing investment properties this year.



FINISH OUR BACK YARD: we have gone back and forth on what to do with our backyard for the better part of the last year, and I would love to finalize some plans this year.

HAVE FUN WITH HOME PROJECTS: I just LOVE mini home projects, and I have a list for this year! I love my home as is and all these projects are additive, so my goal is to have fun tackling these!

FIND A RANCH / FAMILY LAND: a big family goal we have it to find the perfect family ranch/large plot of land. We cannot wait for a lifetime of memories with this!



GROW IN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: this past year, we found a Church that is such a great fit for our family. Even thou feels different at this stage of my life, and I look forward to growing in my relationship with God.

GET MORE INVOLVED IN MY CHURCH COMMUNITY/OUTREACH: I would also like to get more involved in my church, more specifically, I would like to volunteer a bit more with particular organizations (through my Church or not).


Anthony and I are actually about to sit down to dive deeper into our business and family goals this year. There is something so powerful about putting goals in black and white. You don’t need a New Year to make that happen but I love this inspirational energy this time of the year, so I encourage you to dream big and set some goals to serve as stepping stones in achieving that.

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