Weight Training Plan Preview Workout: Glutes + Shoulders

I am thrilled to say… the new Weight Training Plan has been available for less than 24 hours and thousand of women are already sharing amazing feedback!

Let’s take on 2020 with the most effective workout plan, sustainable healthy eating + endless lifestyle support to look and feel our absolute bests.

Scroll down for a sample workout straight from the plans.


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The long and short of it is that the progressive overload training method used in the new Weight Training Plan is so effective at focusing on workout-to-workout and week-to-week progress. Our bodies quickly adapt to the challenges we set, making them less effective with each encounter. I not only build progressions into the actual workouts but take you through how to track them and apply them to help ensure greater progress.
This feature can’t be conveyed through the sample workouts because I outline everything on the pages before each week, but you’ll get a tiny dose here.
For the full plan and effective style, be sure you snag the full version HERE (for gym workouts) + HERE (for home workouts).

WEIGHT TRAINING PLAN 2020: Sample Workout

This first preview workout comes from Week 1 of the plan. In Week 1, we get our baseline numbers from which we build our future progressions (again, this is something you’ll need to read about in the full plan to understand). AND, we start our first progression: tempo.

Tempo refers to the rate or pace at which we move the weight. Count 3 seconds on both the concentric phase of the lift (when you are contracting or lifting the weight from the starting position) as well as 3 seconds on the eccentric phase (the negative phase of lowering the weight back to the starting position) OR as seen in the video, I did 3 sec negatives and explosive contractions.


PREVIEW WORKOUT: Glutes + Shoulders



DOWNLOAD: Preview Gym Workout



DOWNLOAD: Preview Home Workout


  • feel free to begin on your timeline OR follow the plan alongside the community beginning Monday, January 6th
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