My 3 Favorite Workouts from the Weight Training Plan 2021

The Weight Training Plan 2021 has been my favorite workout program that I’ve released so far. Between the variety of exercises, the effective activation and burnouts and the pyramid style work sets… I’ve felt these workouts in a different way, and my results have exceeded my expectations.

Now that I’ve completed the 5 week program cover to cover, I wanted to share my top 3 favorite workouts from the Weight Training Plan 2021 for you to try.

This first workout was a favorite because it checked all the boxes for a traditional weight training workout. I am always tempted to add in “cute” or “exciting” moves but the basics just work best. I was so sore (in the best way!) after this one. Just a tip… for the hip thrusts 1 rep = 1 rep + 1 pulse/half rep.

Glutes and shoulders has always been one of my favorite muscle group combinations. If you’re an LG OG, you may remember that I used to refer to this as the “curves made of muscle” workout because a fit, capped shoulder muscle and a tight, lifted booty is such a goal of mine. I also loved the abs added in at the end of this workout.

I shared this workout on Instagram stories as one that was surprisingly great, and you gave so much positive feedback. You ladies flooded my inbox, echoing my thought with how you couldn’t lift your arms the rest of the day and how much you enjoyed this workout. Not only was it one of my top workouts but also yours, so I wanted to include this one!

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