Fall Challenge Sample Workout: Legs Build + Burn (Day 2)

Happy Tuesday! It’s day 2 of the Fall Challenge Preview Week. All week long, you will find free sample workouts. These workouts will give you an idea of the types you’ll find in the plan. If you’re participating in the challenge, enjoy this week as a bonus week to get even closer to your goals. Just a reminder that the Fall Challenge officially begins next week: Monday, October 5th. The workouts will be available exclusively to those who purchase/participate in the challenge. You can sign up for the challenge below and don’t forget to use that 15% off discount code this week!


About Today’s Workout:

We are starting the week of with two muscle building workouts, and today’s leg workout is no exception. The 2 Activation Supersets are designed to warm up and engage the glutes. I encourage you to use moderate weight and focus on feeling the moves. The mind/muscle connection is powerful in seeing results: think of those glute and leg muscles driving the exercise. During the weight training work sets, use challenging weight. I like to increase weight with each set. Finally, give it all you’ve got in the burnout circuit. Those 40 frog pumps at the end should toast your tush, and if they don’t… add 10-15 more reps!


lauren gleisberg fall challenge sample workout

lauren gleisberg fall challenge sample workout


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