Mom Plan Preview: Pregnancy Fitness Guide

My “Mom Plans” are fitness + meal programs designed to support you throughout your journey as a mom-to-be, postpartum and beyond. They contain safe yet effective workouts, a meal plan/cookbook and all my personal tips and tricks. 

Before you begin, you may want a preview of the types of workouts included in the plan.
A few points about the plan…
INTENSITY LEVEL: with my pregnancy fitness guide, you will notice the plan decreases in intensity as your pregnancy progresses to support the precious baby you’re growing. Also, the number of workouts per week decreases as the plan/pregnancy go on. 
SAFE YET EFFECTIVE: safety is the priority and I’ve included only prenatal-friendly exercises. Still, if you’re going to be working out while pregnant, I want to provide a workout that actually works, so these workouts will challenge you but in safe and gentle way.
EVERY WEEK OF PREGNANCY: this plan will literally walk you through every week of pregnancy. I go above and beyond because so much changed week to week. You won’t just find general “1st trimester,” “2nd trimester,” and “3rd trimester.” (that is what I list below to preview 3 different phases but the plan itself shares workouts for each week).

It is an honor to support you during this special phase of life… 

I designed these plans to achieve a fit pregnancy with a healthy postpartum recovery. 

They contain everything you need to know on how to workout safely and effectively as well as how to eat during pregnancy and after.

Most importantly, I poured my heart into these plans, sharing my tips & tricks because I want you to enjoy this special time to the fullest and feel your best in the role as mama.

It’s not about getting through pregnancy and getting back to your pre-baby body; it’s about enjoying pregnancy and creating a new, stronger, fitter, happier and more confident you.

That’s exactly what these plans have done for me and I wish the same for you.

SAMPLE WORKOUT – 1st Trimester

SAMPLE WORKOUT – 2nd Trimester

SAMPLE WORKOUT – 3rd Trimester

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