Valentine’s Day is this week and for those of us who will be enjoying a Valentine’s Day dinner at home, I wanted to share 3 meal ideas I know you’ll love.

Call me crazy but I’ve never been big about going out for Valentine’s Day. Even prior to marriage and kids, I thought it was more romantic to be with just my partner at home. If someone is willing to spend the time to cook you a meal that is total #GOALS to me. Plus, the restaurants are jam packed and it’s more difficult when the holiday falls on a weekday.

What about you? Are you someone who enjoys Valentine’s Day dinner out or in?

Anyway, I have 3 healthy Valentine’s Day dinner ideas that will make your celebration delicious. Whoever your serving these meals to won’t have a clue that they’re heathy. 

If your Valentine’s Day dinner vibe is something you want to keep simple and classic OR if it is something that the entire family will be enjoying, I would suggest this. My only suggested modification would be to make these Spicy + Cheesy Stuffed Peppers in RED bell peppers to make it more festive.
This is a community favorite entree recipe so it will not disappoint. In fact, if you’ve never tried this recipe before… I highly suggest you add it to your list on Valentine’s Day or any day this week.

This would be a great dinner idea if your Valentine’s Day plans include cozying up with your love, relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix and eating something yummy. My husband LOVES when I make this beef stew, so he was definitely my inspiration behind this dinner pick.
The best part is that you can prepare this earlier in the week and freeze it. The morning of Valentine’s Day, pop this into your crockpot and your Valentine’s Day dinner will be ready without any hands on cooking time! Now, that’s a Valentine’s Day gift haha. 

This dinner idea is totally my pick of the three. I enjoy a more of an informal approach to cooking and eating at home. Plus, I think it’s a bit more romantic to “share” entrees.
For this dinner idea, whip up a batch of my Buffalo Chicken Dip. You can serve it with celery sticks, tortilla chips or both. It’s an absolute hit with everyone who has tried it, so you definitely won’t disappoint your hunny.
Then finish it with a something sweet… FroYo Bites. The strawberries gives these a festive touch and I would maybe suggest even adding a bit of melted chocolate over the top for a more romantic, Valentine’s Day vibe.


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  1. Lizzie Alvergnat | Holistically Lizzie

    These all look seriously amazing. Thank you!

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