traditional weight training + calorie-burning circuits + deep core training I put together a 5 week workout calendar plan for us. This hybrid training workout calendar has a daily workout from 3 of the community favorite fitness programs. I call it “hybrid training” because it utilizes a variety of styles: weight training, circuits + core for an effective and fun training switch up.

The calendar uses 3 programs:

 *you will get the 3 full workout programs to use forever but during the workout calendar, we have selected certain workouts from each plan to use in a new way


for best results, align your goals to my plan suggestions below

GOAL: HIT YOUR GOALS FASTER WITH MACROS an easy-to-follow guide to calculate + track your macros for accelerated results


GOAL: GET FIT/BUILD MUSCLE preference: 30 min workouts what is the difference between the Weight Training Plan versions? they are all similar 30 min, traditional weight training workout plan but each version offers new workouts and new exercises. The 3.0 version is a community favorite, the X version features x-treme workouts 1x/week and the 2020 version offers progressive overload training cues.


GOAL: SCULPT MUSCLE + LOSE FAT preference: combination of weights + cardio PLAN SUGGESTION:

GOAL: LOSE FAT/WEIGHT preference: less weights, more cardio moves PLAN SUGGESTIONS:

GOAL: STRONG CORE + ABS I highly recommend this training to every woman as an add on plan PLAN SUGGESTION:

GOAL: ENJOY HEALTHY EATING this teaches you exactly how to eat (in an enjoyable way) to see results + 100s of delicious recipes PLAN SUGGESTION

GOAL: FIT + HEALTHY PREGNANCY + POSTPARTUM JOURNEY the fitness plans I personally followed 2x during my pregnancies PLAN SUGGESTIONS:

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