#LGFitmas Challenge: Chest + Back (W2D5)





Fit Fanatic Find of the Day: Fit fanatic or foodie find of the day?! You be the judge 😉 For me, fitness is the “easy” part… I look forward to working out daily and my mood undoubtedly surges after a sweat sesh. Nutrition, on the other hand, is my greater struggle. Despite how flexible the LG Meal Plan is and how easy it is to work in favorite foods items, I am more likely to stay on track when I have a positive reward system implemented. Recently, I’ve adopted a late night reward that has me so seriously motivated to eat on track that it’s scary. Are you ready for it?! 1 cup of quality tea & a piece ((that’s a piece not pieces lol)) of dark chocolate ((or my preference dark chocolate covered caramel))

I know… it doesn’t sound like much but here me out…

The key here is 1) quality and 2) something that makes you excited. I’ve always been one to get the inexpensive tea from big box stores, so when my mom gifted me Teavana tea and tea infusers, I introduced to a whole other level of tea. Anddd if you haven’t yet tried dark chocolate covered caramels from Trader Joes, jump on it! Now!

If I stick to my meal plan all day, I’ll “reward” myself with a cup of Teavana tea ((my favorite blend is: Maharaja Chai Oolong & Samurai Chai Mate Oolong Tea)) and I like these tea infuser mugs. Between the quality of the loose leaf tea and the ridiculously rich caramels, a few sips and a few bites is like heaven in my mouth! Now, be tough on yourself; if you didn’t eat on track, don’t feel guilt, but just save the reward for a day when you earned it! It will taste that much better & give you the motivation you need to eat healthy all day long!

PS – this is not a sponsored post; I’m just that much of a foodie 😉


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