ConfidenceKini- Legs + Butt Weighted Workout (W2D3)

What is hump day without a little leg and glute workout?! Today’s workout consists of 4 supersets (remember- a superset is when you perform 2 exercises back to back with no rest in between). I’m going to share a few of my training tips for this workout so you get the most out of it…

Take your time with those clam raises. I like to back up to a wall to ensure there is a straight line from my back to my butt to my feet. You use the glutes to move through the exercise, which is key for activation for the workout!
I want you to challenge yourself to use heavier weight in these movements: lunges, goblet squats, stiff leg deadlifts and weighted thrusts. Try increasing the weight with each set too!
I included the jump rope to increase the cardiovascular challenge of this workout (it’s great for heart health and for burning a bit more calories!). The intervals are only 30 seconds so jump as fast as you can during that time frame!
lauren gleisberg confidencekini challenge workoutlauren gleisberg leg and butt workoutHEALTHIER TREAT: of course, I like to indulge in treats but I also make healthier versions of my favorite foods…. pizza, burgers, pasta, etc. Try making a helathier treat today. What is it?? Share it with the community! Hashtag #LGTeamKini and #LGAccountability tag me @laurengleisberg so I can be sure to see it too!
If you need meal idea, be sure to check out my Meal Plan ->  here


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Join in the challenge! It’s not too late!
The ConfidenceKini Challenge is 5 week fitness, food and lifestyle challenge. This spring challenge will help you shed weight and fat, gain muscle, see definition and most importantly, feel confident in your skin!
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