ConfidenceKini Challenge: Chest + Shoulders (W6D5)

Today’s To-Do List:

[ ] Weighted Workout: Arms

[ ] Premium Ab Plan: Circuit Workout C

(workout HERE)

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Chest +Shoulders


Premium Ab Plan

  • Today’s Ab Workout: Circuit Workout C
  • Find the Premium Ab Plan HERE


Daily Photo Challenge

THANK YOU: whether it’s a special LG Sister within the community or someone else close to you, take a moment to share a little thank you with that person!

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini

Tip of the Day: This is your final weight training workout for the ConfidenceKini Challenge! If you are reading this, you absolutely killed it! I’m serious! Embarking on a 6 week fitness journey and giving it your all – no matter how many bumps you hit – is an incredible feat. I am so proud of you. I’m honored to be your trainer, coach, sister, and above all friend. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope you are feeling healthier, happier, stronger and more confident. Don’t you worry… I have more ways to kick your booty after this. I’ll see you tomorrow for a stretch session before we hit our 5K on Saturday! Woohoo!!!!

Community Check In #LGTeamKini

To hold yourself accountable, check in with the community on Instagram!

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