Fitmas Challenge: Chest + Triceps (W5D4)

I love a muscle burnout workout, especially for the upper body. If I have a favorite workout of the week, this is it. I also strategically assigned it to the end of the week because the muscle pump provides will give your arms a nice little look if you’re wearing any sleeveless outfits this weekend haha. Just a general tip (I did this with a dress I wore to a holiday party last weekend)… an hour or so before your event, perform a few upper body/arm exercises with light weight and it will enhance the beautiful muscles you have!

lauren gleisberg chest + triceps workout


Get ALL of the workouts ahead of time in a PDF so you can save the workouts to your phone or print them off. And, enjoy the 15 Min Workout Guide for busy/travel days when you want to make substitutions!

lauren gleisberg fitmas challenge




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