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Broken record over here… train smarter not harder. 

You’ve heard me say that a million times and I probably won’t quit anytime soon. You see… I think one of the defining features of an LG program is that they WORK. I don’t waste time including anything that isn’t directly geared at getting you to your exact goals.

And that’s what I want to talk about in this post…. YOUR goals, so that I can recommend the best workout for that specific goal.



All of my plans are 15% OFF with the code SEVEN! I wanted to share this post in case you are looking to snag some ebooks during this sale but didn’t know which ones would be best suited for you goals.


GOALS (select the 1 that most closely matches where you want to be):

1. I want to focus primarily on fat and weight loss

2. I want to focus on sculpting muscle and shedding fat (and I like to workout for 45-60 mins)

3. I want to focus on sculpting muscle and shedding fat (and I like to workout for 30 mins)

4. I am a beginner and would like to start my journey to a fit and lean body

5. I really want to improve myself physically and mentally

6. I want to workout to a follow-along video format



Recommendation: 30×30 Fat Loss Shred 

This plan consists of 30 min workouts for 30 days. It can be done at home or in the gym. The training style is very unique, intense and focused on accelerated fat loss.  It’s the ultimate switch up fitness plan.


2. GOAL: SCULPT MUSCLE, SHED FAT (45-60 min workouts)

Recommendation: Weight Training Plan 2.0, home version or gym version

This plan simultaneously helps you sculpts a fit body and lose fat to keep it lean – all through the LG style of weighted workouts. The workouts are a bit longer because of the Cardio + Ab add on plan included as a bonus.


3. GOAL: SCULPT MUSCLE, SHED FAT (30 min workouts)

Recommendation: Weight Training Plan 3.0, home version or gym version

This plan is designed to help you get fit and lean through 30 minute workouts. This is hands down my favorite program and I’ve seen great personal progress… losing fat and sculpting muscle definition. I stay so consistent with this plan because the workouts are 30 mins yet so effective. I highly recommend this plan to everyone!



Recommendation: Weight Training Plan 1.0, home version or gym version

This is the best place to start if you are a beginner because this plan includes a Weight Training Manual, which teaches you everything you need to know about lifting and how to get to your goals. It also has an optional beginner phase with all workouts designed to help you get fit and lose fat. In my opinion, traditional weight training (like in this plan) is the most effective at changing body composition (more muscle, less fat)



Recommendation: LG Sisters Get Strong

This is a special plan I created with workouts to help you sculpt muscle definition and additional resources to help you feel just as great as you will look. Shock your system by focusing on both the inner and outer results at the same time – this works for me when I’m in a funk! Videos with all my tips and tricks on how I live a happy, healthy life are included. It’s a results from the inside out type of plan.



Recommendation: Video Workout Plan

This plan is for the woman who wants me to coach them through every rep. It’s like I am right there with you! It’s the perfect option for someone who has trouble pushing themselves or if you simply prefer workout videos. This follow-along style workout plan is semi-customizable so you can create hundreds of different workouts with these 9 workout videos.



Workouts are part of the equation to help you reach your goals. As you probably already know, nutrition is make or break. I HIGHLY suggest you combine one of the above plans with my Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan.

My meal plan is designed to help you see results through food alone. There are 3 simple guidelines to help you know what to eat (macro combinations), how much (I have portion suggestions so you eat enough to promote muscle but not too much so you can shed fat) and even timing suggestions on how to reach your goals most efficiently. 

PLUS, there are 100s maybe even 1000 delicious recipes. A meal plan has never tasted so good or been this easy to follow.

Join HERE! Once you do, you’re a meal plan member for life and receive all future installments for free (I send out seasonal cookbooks, meal-by-meal plans and other exclusives)

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