Spring Workout Plan: Day 24 & the Friday Five! After you complete this upper body workout, I suggest you stretch for a few minutes and give this blog post (the Friday Five) a read… it’s just a quick, fun read and this week, I’m adding a twist to the Friday Five.

Typically, my Friday Five contains 5 totally random things I’m into each week from my current Netflix show to the sunglasses I’m obsessed with and the grocery items I’m purchasing again and again. This week, however, I wanted to do something different and share 5 weekend plans I’m putting on my agenda.
You know that quote “create a life you don’t need a vacation from. Well, for some reason… that quote pops into my head several times per week. Of course, I enjoy a vacation but I LOVE being able to enjoy the day-to-day grind so I’ve gotten very intentional about doing seemingly small things that feel big.
We have officially deemed Sunday “family day” in our home. We schedule family activities in the AM and then do an early Sunday dinner with my parents/sister. I’ve been brainstorming some things for our family Sundays as well as 2 things for just Anthony and I.

If you came by today just for the sunglasses details… THIS is the link where I ordered the $8 sunglasses that look nearly identical to the $500 YSL ones I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over.

black heart ysl sunglasses on lauren gleisberg

Friday Five


Now that the weather is getting warmer, I want to do more activities outdoors. Leo LOVES the water and I thought doing a cute back yard water park day would be fun for both him and Anthony and I haha. I’m thinking we can set up a little baby pool. We’ve done this before – we fill containers (about the size of a shoe box) with water and Leo sits next to and just splashes his hands in – odd but he loves it. For Anthony and I, I want to create a large slip n slide lol. Maybe do some sun tanning while Leo naps and enjoy homemade fruit popsicles as a family.
Cheesy? Maybe. Am I excited about it? Absolutely! I want to do a little family picnic on Sunday when it’s nice. I will pack some some sandwiches for Anthony and I and some puffs for Leo. I need to get a really large blanket but I’ve already added this picnic basket to my Amazon cart haha. I remember going on park picnics and feeding the ducks as a kid and I have such fond memories of it!
I BOUGHT A KITE! And you should too! haha. Seriously though… how much fun did you have flying a kite as a kid?! I’m sure Leo will enjoy looking at it and watching Anthony and I run around like crazies! I have yet to test it out butttt I bought this $10 kite because all the reviews say it’s the easiest flying kite. One reviewer even wrote “the kite flies itself” – add to cart after I read that because that was the only hang up I had with flying a kite. I can’t wait to fly this thing!
What couple doesn’t need a date night switch up?! On the weekends, my mom practically begs Anthony and I to find something to do so she can get her hands on Leo. We do the typical date nights but as you know, we aren’t the fancy dinner enjoying couple. It gets old. quick. I thought what a fun idea it would be to do a date morning. We could enjoy a cup of coffee in bed, maybe fall back to sleep for 30 minutes, go for a walk outside and have a nice, uninterrupted convo, go get brunch, and maybe stumble into a few shops. That sounds so amazing! If that’s a normal weekend to you, you could make it special/different by surprising your hunny with breakfast in bed. If you’re a mom, you’re thinking a morning without kids sounds like heaven haha.
I always observe those whose relationships I admire to discover what they’re do or don’t do to create a strong marriage. “Dating your husband” is always something that comes up. I think back to all the little dates Anthony and I went on at the beginning of our relationship and I cannot tell you how many times we did mini golf. It’s a little competitive yet cute and I’m all about activities not just sitting/eating date nights. Plus, those dates from the younger days always seem to bring back fun memories!

Well onto the real, good stuff… here is today’s workout…
lauren gleisberg doing an uppber body workout for women


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spring break workout calendar plan

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