I hesitate to call this workout less intense because it’s still a challenging circuit workout. Coming off of extreme week, however, this will be a “feel good” workout for the body. Also, with so much glute and ab work going on during the June calendar, it’s important to include upper body work. 

Let’s rewind for a second…
EXTREME WEEK? Last week, I shared an entire week of crazy, intense workouts. I was so proud that so many of you took me up on the challenge. I’m going to include just a few really intense workouts during this June Calendar Plan
JUNE CALENDAR PLAN? I put together a workout plan for the next few weeks that includes the Glute Guide, Premium Ab Plan (quick edition) and new workouts like this one. It’s a training focus on the booty, abs and overall slimming down a bit to kick off summer. You can download it HERE

lauren gleisberg upper body workout


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