Upper Body & Abs Weighted Workout

It’s a good day and it’s going to be a good day. After you complete this upper body and ab workout, I suggest you stretch for a few minutes and give this blog post (the Friday Five) a read.

Last week, I shared my first Friday Five – it’s just a fun little addition to the daily blog post, basically 5 random things I’m into that week.. I follow a blog that does the Friday Five and it becomes my favorite blog post of the week. I don’t think I’m nosy but I’m always interested in what others are interested in – I love getting ideas and inspiration from others!

Friday Five

I guess it’s good that I’ve said the Friday Five is a random list because this sure is. I’m always looking for binge-worth Netflix series and this one has me totally hooked. Have you watched?? It’s called Lockup. It’s on MSNBC but Netflix also has a bazillion episodes.
I know a lot of you are also ridiculously obsessed with Law & Order SVU like I am and I feel like if you’re into that whole creepy, killer, legal system thing, this is one to watch too!
Anthony and I watch an episode together almost every night because what else would you like to think about before you doze off haha.

I shared this on my Instagram stories a few weekends ago when I first tried it. I was at Trader Joes and they have pretty good, healthy pizza crusts: a gluten-free one and a cauliflower one. They’re good but to me, they still have that “good for a healthier version” taste.
I saw these as a featured item in my Trader Joes store and I grabbed a pack to try. We do Sunday dinners as a family each week and I hosted that weekend so I put together a margherita pizza with these. Everyone (including my dad who scoffs at whole grain anything haha) loved it!
I know not everyone has a Trader Joes location near them (I didn’t for the first 4 years of my health journey) but if you do, try the sprouted grain crust out. I think they go for $3.99 for a 2 pack.
1. Looking for a delicious healthy pizza recipe? THIS one is my fav and I’m sure you’ve seen me make it 29x
2. Struggling with guilt over eating pizza? THIS sassy post I wrote is one of the most popular blog posts to date so I’m sure you’ll love it too!
bbq chicken pizza on white pottery barn plate
Believe it or not, some people go to Target just for toothpaste and dish detergent. Me… I do my grocery shopping, home decor shopping, household shopping AND clothing shopping at Target.
I’ve especially taken notice to the shoes they have lately and I purchased 2 pairs in February that I’ve been wearing all of the time.

THESE white loafers ($23)


THESE white mules ($37)

Speaking of shoes, I wanted to give a quick little review on my recent favorite workout shoes. I can’t call it for certain but I feel like I’m becoming an ADIDAS > Nike girl. I truly never thought that day would come but we are close if not there.
I’ll share a list of all the Adidas Shoes I have and the one that is my true favorite
1. Ultraboost – ridiculously expensive; I got them as a pregnancy gift from the hubby when my feet were getting more sore and they’re probably in the top 3 of best, most supportive shoes I’ve ever owned. Worth the investment? Quite possibly!
2. Originals FLB – these are cute and I like them for when I’m doing weight training but I’m not obsessed lol.
3. Swift Run – these are them! My current favorite! You’ve probably seen the 2 pair I have. I go through athletic shoes so quickly because I train in them, film in them, and wear them 90% of the time.
These are so versatile and comfy. I’m not one of those people who is shoe-smart like “oh these are good for long distance runs, these are my sprinting shoes, these are for leg day” and instead I’m “these match my outfit” haha. The comfort and functionality is an added bonus if I’m being honest.
The Swift Runs pass all the test and in a world of ridiculously pricey sneaker, I feel like these are on the less expensive side especially when you catch them on sale. I got one pair for $60.

I have THESE neutral ones & THESE green shimmer ones

5. YouTube Meditation

I’ve been trying to get back into meditation. I know, isn’t everyone saying that these days?! lol. I started waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but why is it that in the AM, 10 minutes earlier feels like an hour earlier?!
Anyways, part of my AM routine is to meditate. I do so for literally 3 minutes at the most 5. I use YouTube and simply will search “3 minute guided meditation” (or whatever the time I’m looking for / sometimes I’ll add in anxiety or positivity or focus)

That was fun. Okay, here is today’s workout…
upper body and abs workout

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