Sunday Q&A (my weight, more sunglasses, ConfidenceKini Challenge & glute gains)

Woohoo, I’m feeling really good about the fact that this is my 3rd Sunday Q&A in a row since beginning the series. In these posts, I’m answering the top 5-ish questions I received over the week: some health/fitness, some not. This week, I’m discussing a bit about my weight which I just shared on IG stories, more sunglasses (and outfit) details haha, the upcoming ConfidenceKini Challenge and how I’m switching up my training a bit to focus more on the glutes!


Here’s a snap we got from our family trip to the park on St. Paddy’s Day!

lauren gleisberg and her husband and baby, Leo Lococo


Q: “how much do you weigh? I watched your stories and I would love to hear more about this!”

A: so if you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know that this AM, I jumped on the scale for the first time in maybe 3-4 months?! I know a lot fitness people that share the “give up the scale” thing but then regularly use it. However, I truly hardly ever weight myself.

I never share my weight because 1) it doesn’t matter how much I weigh, how much you weight, or how much Sally weights (comparison isn’t something I promote) and 2) I don’t focus on it so why would I share the silly numbers, you know?! I do know about how much I usually weight because for the past 7-ish years, I’ve maintained this weight that fluctuates a few pounds or so.

When I got pregnant, I was on the scale regularly because that’s just what they have you do at the doctors visits. Strangely enough… I was excited to see the scale go up as it meant my baby was growing. I also did weigh myself almost every day to every other day after giving birth because I was interested! I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 12-ish days (I’ll have to go back to my photos to get the exact time but it was just under 2 weeks) after giving birth which I accredit to what I did while pregnant – all of that I’m sharing in my “MOM plans” coming this spring!

Anyway, this morning, I jumped on the scale to notice that I am 7 lbs lighter than my usual weight and lighter my pre-pregancy weight. I’m not happy about it. I’m not upset about it. I’m just changing up my training because I know this is due to one thing: I’ve lost some muscle. I lost muscle while pregnant/being a new mom.

The 30×30 plan REALLY helped me shed body fat and now it’s time for me to focus on putting on more muscle, so that’ what I’m going to be doing! I’ll share exactly what I’m doing (more on that in the questions below)!


Q: “When will the ConfidenceKini Challenge begin? I need more info! It’s my favorite challenge!”

A: The ConfidenceKini Challenge is the spring fitness, food and lifestyle challenge I host right here on In short, I share a workout of the day and everything you’ll need to get fit and most importantly, feel confident! Meal plan members receive weekly meal menus which are like mini cookbooks too.

New details…

I’ve finalized the Premium Challenge Pack! So, all my challenges have a free version but then I also offer a premium challenge pack so for $14, you can upgrade your challenge experience and receive all sorts of exclusives and premium features. One feature you seem to love most is access to the workouts ahead of time (so you can plan ahead) AND yes, this year there will be another PREMIUM AB PLAN!

The Premium Ab Plan has remained your favorite add on plans since it launched. This year, I’m creating an even better version because all of the ab workouts will be short & highly effective at sculpting the core! I’m half way through the “test phase” and it’s AMAZING! You’ll never believe how great of results you can see without adding a ridiculous amount of time to your training. Because who wants to do that?!


Q: Can you please share where you got everything you were wearing this week like that gray cardigan and those Old Navy sundresses?

A: YES! Okay, so I linked everything that I could remember I wore this week in this little box! If I forgot something, please let me know! I included my $12 old navy sunglasses, $22 white loafers I’m living in, my black denim pants, the gray cardi and my favorite splurge sunglasses!

You know I’m also all about my inexpensive sunglasses lately, so here again is the pair I bought for $9.99 instead of the $250 Karen Walker sunglasses LOVING Amazon for everything and anything!


Q: “what is the Glute Guide you mentioned in your IG stories and how are you using that in your workouts?”

A: this past year, I created the Glute Guide which is a 5 week plan designed to lift, tighten and sculpt the glutes aka booty/butt muscles. You can use it as a plan on it’s own but I best like it as an “add on plan” so I combine in with other workouts.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share here on my blog and Instagram how I’m combining it with the Spring Calendar Plan workouts but today, I started with one of the Glute isolation workouts. Wow did it feel good – I was able to pinpoint the glute muscles and work them so deeply. I am excited to get back to more focused glute workout.

Okay, so like I mentioned in the first question/answer of this post, I’m really happy with how much fat I lost while doing the 30×30 plan but I want to focus on muscle now. So, I’m going to begin going back to a bit more traditional weight training and adding in some ab and glute work. 


Alright, that’s all I have for today’s Sunday Q&A. Never hesitate to leave your questions here or on my social media. I’ll do my very best to get everything answered.

This weekend went too quickly… don’t they all?! My little Leo had his first sleepover at my mom and dad’s house, so we enjoyed a parents night out last night (currently paying for it haha). We had a really nice weekend and now have quite a work-filled yet fun week ahead. Hope you enjoyed yours!

Talk soon!




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