The 10 min “pre-event workout” I do to make my muscle pop

Before I go to an event, I do this 5 to 10 minute “pump up workout” that makes my muscles pop in whatever I’m wearing. If you have a special function where you are wearing a dress or showing off your arms in a sleeveless top, try out this routine. 



This is a “workout,” meaning I am usually in my event attire, so I’m not getting sweaty or putting in max effort. I choose light weight… either a set of 5 lb dumbbells or a low-resistance resistance band. The routine is all about high reps. You don’t have to even hit 25 reps. You could do more if needed. I simply perform the exercise to feel those muscles pumping up and to stimulate the blood pumping to them.



Blood flow! As women who weight train, we have good muscle mass. You may notice that you see your muscles and definition more while you are working out. When we lift weights, our bodies begin pumping blood to the worked muscles in order to help with the muscle recovery process. This then causes them to look pumped up and defined. We have to work enough (ie: 25 reps-ish) to stimulate that process). Then, we can enjoy looking fit and defined.

NOTE: you’ll notice the workout is mostly arms with calves and abs but no legs. I typically leave leg exercises out because the blood flow can actually make the legs a tiny bit bigger. 


As soon as I posted about this on Instagram stories, I received this awesome testimonial.

lauren gleisberg reviews on pre-event pump up workout

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