#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Legs (W4D1)

Hey week 4, WE are here to kick YOUR butt. Not the other way around. Just wanted you to know that!


  • Whenever you see 60 seconds, it’s to account for 30 seconds on each side
  • If you prefer to count reps 30 sec -> 15 reps
  • For the 1 close, 1 regular, 1 wide stance squat sequence, perform 12 total squats or 4 reps of that sequence


  • We love switch ups! We love pushing our bodies to new limits! So, let’s shake things up this week…. 10 MINUTES OF SPRINTS!
  • Sprint in place, sprint outside, sprint on a treadmill
  • 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest x10

Healthy Habit: CONNECTION! This past weekend, GUESS WHAT I GOT TO DO?! #LGMeetUp YES…. I got to meet up with three gorgeous LG Girls in Houston… Heather (aka fitheightsmomma) Lindsay (aka fittack) and Debra (aka wyanot_b_fit) and I went to brunch on Saturday! We had such a great time, and as I was driving home, I kept thinking thoughts like….
“wow… it feels like those three ladies who I’ve never met could easily be life-long friends”
“there was so much to connect on”
“they were so cool”
“we definitely are doing this again”
When we can begin turning our online community into a physical community to work out with each other and hang out with each other, the real magic begins! This community is filled with brilliant, creative, inspiring, passionate, kind women. More than that, there aren’t many places where you can show up as your perfectly imperfect self and be accepted for exactly that… this community is all about that! You are legitimate #BFFGoals and it’s time we start experiencing that on another level!

I am so excited to make 2016 the year of regular #LGMeetUps
I do not take it for granted that you let me into your lives and I can’t wait to spend time this year getting to know many of you on a more personal level by coming to a city near you for a meet up! For now, I’m totally counting on you to organize ones in your community, to reach out to ladies who may be to hesitant to reach out to you, and to enjoy this journey with each other!
Habit Homework – Connect! On all your check ins from now, use your nearest big city and state hashtags! Check those hashtags and see who’s near you that you can connect with! Invite friends, co-workers or neighbors into the LG community! The more connections we can form in person as well tightens our accountability web and makes this amazing journey that much more fun!

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