#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Chest + Back (W3D4)

If you’re reading this, it means you survived the single leg burpees yesterday! A lighter workout today is definitely what even your crazy trainer ordered! If you’re looking to rev up the intensity, make your rests active by adding in 30 seconds of jump rope or jumping jacks!


  • If you prefer to count reps, perform 15 reps instead of 30 sec

Healthy Habit: Do you tea?! If you’re not yet on the tea bandwagon, hopefully, by the end of this I can pull you on board! I’m definitely in the minority in that I don’t at all care for coffee, so when all my girlfriends would hit up coffee shops, I was got into tea by default. Years later, and I’m a total addict.
There are many benefits to various teas, but I rather be real deal and tell you the two biggest reasons I’m a tea-aholic, which really have very little to do with the actual benefits themselves. First off, I love tea because it helps me manage cravings. I often think becoming a healthier eater is less about “getting rid” of unhealthy habits and more about adopting new ones. For instance, I still crave flaming hot cheetos late at night and Trader Joes dark chocolate covered caramels in between meals, but I’ve become stronger in my healthy decision to reach for tea instead. And I invest in good teas! If they can help control my cravings, I’m all for it! The next time you’re craving something, try a tea instead! It may just do the trick!
Secondly, and to get a little more deep, which you’re probably finding I love to do here at LG… enjoying a cup a tea does something sort of magical to me. I would compare it to meditating. Tea time has the ability to center you. You savor every sip. You get really into the present moment. Worries seem to disappear. The tea warms your belly, but also your heart, filling you with the warm fuzzys. I not only crave tea, but the feelings I experience with it.
Here’s a list of my 3 Favorite teas:
Peppermint tea -> I enjoy this before bed and whenever I have a stomach ache because it actually relaxes muscles in the digestive tract, aiding in bloating, gas and indigestion. It also seems to really suppress my cravings late at night!
Chai tea -> my favorite tea in the morning for a natural energy boost. Have you tried the Energizing Chai Tea  Smoothie from the LG Meal Plan?! I LOVE it!
Green tea -> my go-to throughout the day! I love adding lemon juice to green tea!
Habit Homework – enjoy a cup of tea today! 
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