Legs + Butt Workout

This leg and butt workout is fast paced and challenging. Also, I’m in a fun, energetic mood today and I wanted to add something fun to this post. At the end of your workout, take some time to stretch and as you do, feel free to read my Friday Five aka 5 random thoughts/things I’m sharing haha.


Friday Five


Time management has always been on my radar but when I became a mom, I had to get serious about it.

Who’s heard of this “Miracle Cube” – am I the last person on the planet who just bought it?! Whether I set it for 15 minutes of straightening up or doing 1 hour of emails, it’s helped me become an efficiency machine!

I feel like I should dedicate a blog post to this thing it’s helped me that much.


Pinterest has always been the most enjoyable social media platform to me. There’s no competition/comparing… it’s all just fun and fantasy.

“Your dream house board looks more beautiful than my dream house pins. I’m going to go pin some amazign stuff.” haha no. It’s just such a fun platform.

You can follow my account here

My favorite pin of the week was seeing someone frame their wifi password for guests. I asked our LG graphic designer, Christina to put together a cute template for a 4×6 and 5×7 frame where we can all download, put in our password and print. I’ll share that soon!

lauren gleisberg wifi password in a frame


Speaking of Pinterest, I am a quote-aholic especially on there. After seeign this quote, I keep replaying it in my head. Nobody knows what is best for you more than you so focus more on listening to your own voice.


I am so late to the PopSocket game as well but I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t keep up with the latest iPhone and mine was so old that it was constantly glitching. As soon as I couldn’t Insta story anymore, I ran to Verizon to upgrade haha.

I ended up getting the iPhone 8 Plus (a lot of you recommended the 8 over the X) but I got a popsocket to hold it better and I’m obsessed. Plus, they’re only $10!


How’s that for a random #5. I’ve been buying rotisserie chicken every week at the grocery store and it’s speeding up my meal prep like you wouldn’t believe. Many recipes I make call for cooked chicken, so I’ll just add in rotisserie chicken and it takes the hands on prep from like 30 minutes to 12.

My grocery store even sells rotisserie chicken that has already been taken off to make it even easier. I mean I guess we live in a world where groceries are now delivered to your door so I guess using precooked chicken isn’t that crazy lol.

That was fun. Okay, here is today’s workout…

lauren gleisberg legs and butt workout


If you’re looking for a workout plan that focuses on getting fit and shedding fat through quick, effective workouts, download the free calendar and follow along HERE

spring break workout calendar plan

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