I am pretty obsessed with electrolyte water lately for a few main reasons: 1) greater hydration 2) less headaches and 3) basically, I just feel better. One day, I got tired of waking up feeling tired and groggy. So, I began researching how to wake up feeling good and with greater energy. I found one of the greatest contributing factors to be what we do (or don’t) ingest prior to bed and upon waking up. 

electrolyte water drink
I began drinking electrolyte water before bed and first thing in the AM until I discovered I could create a healthier, homemade version. I’ll share that recipe below as well as some of the science behind why I drink this. You know I am a science nerd at heart so I hope you appreciate some of the info too.
Electrolytes are substances that contain ions, which are electrically conductive. We need ions to survive because many of the processes that occur within our bodies rely on small electric currents. Electrolytes/ions are what provide that charge. Within the body, electrolytes interact with one another, sending and receiving messages in tissues, nerves and muscle. Okkkay, so you can understand why a balance of various electrolytes is essential for healthy functioning. 
The issue is that levels of electrolytes in the blood can become too low or too high, creating electrolyte imbalances. We can lose electrolytes through a variety of ways. Most of us partake in physically-demanding, sweaty workouts. That is one major way that sodium and potassium electrolytes are lost. In fact, the most common electrolyte imbalances are sodium an potassium.  Fortunately, we can replenish our bodies with electrolytes. 
SO, I am about to change your entire day just by changing what you drink first in the morning. When I was doing research on this, I came across so many successful individuals who rave by this. I started getting really excited about this drink and now, I too, swear by it. Your electrolyte drink needs to be the first thing you drink in the AM and NOT your coffee. When we sleep, our bodies dehydrate. The worst thing we can do is to consume coffee right away, further dehydrating our bodies and messing with our internal pH.
Instead, I drink my electrolyte water first. I also drink it prior to going to sleep. I workout in the AM so my body is definitely getting the electrolytes it needs to balance out what I sweat out but otherwise you could drink your electrolyte water around when you workout. 
When I was doing research and realizing that my intense, sweaty workouts and being outside in 100 degree Texas heat often was probably leading to me needing some additional electrolytes, I picked up the usual electrolyte sports drinks at my grocery stores. They’re great… already made and have a yummy taste. But then… life would happen… I would forget to buy them and didn’t have a drink in the morning. My husband pointed out once, “you realize you just spent almost $8 on 4 bottles of electrolyte water” when I grabbed some at the gas station one day. It hit me that I could make my own for a fraction of the price. It would be even healthier. And, I would always have what I needed. =homemade electrolyte drink
1.5 cups water
1/8 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Liquid stevia to taste
*occasionally, I add apple cider vinegar to this drink mix to increase the health benefits even more
1. combine all ingredients in a mason jar or water bottle and shake vigorously 
PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT: adds electrolytes like sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron to the water. Pink Himalayan sea salt contains greater amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron as compared to other salts and contains 84 different minerals. 
FRESH LEMON JUICE: adds calcium and potassium, which along with sodium helps balance the body’s pH in addition to providing electrolytes.
STEVIA: I drink my electrolyte water quite often without stevia when I don’t have it on hand or when I’m at a restaurant/out of my home. It can be rough to get down, so I like to add a bit of a natural sweetener. I select stevia because it’s 0 calories so it doesn’t break a fast if you’re intermittent fasting (more on IF here).
You know by now that I am a huge advocate of lemon water in the AM. I usually do my apple cider vinegar shot or drink first thing too. I didn’t realize that simply adding salt to my drink could create a homemade electrolyte water that would provide so many benefits for my active lifestyle.
Well… cheers, ladies! I hope you enjoy this homemade electrolyte water drink as much as I do! XO

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  1. Sofia

    This is fantastic thanks Lauren! Would this recipe be considered “1 serve” ie you drink this amount night / morning? Ta x

    • lauren640@aol.com

      Hi Sofia! You are correct – this drink is something I would have in 1 serving. I hope you enjoy :):) XO

  2. Kate

    Where do you buy Pink Himalayan Sea Salt???

    • Lauren Gleisberg

      You can find it in so many places. I get mine at my local grocery store and Trader Joes. XO

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