Healthy Crockpot Mexican Chicken Recipe

As I shared before, I recently received a crockpot and have been experimenting with ways to incorporate it into my meal prep. I am by no means skilled in the kitchen, which I’ve come to find is a huge advantage as I’m never tempted into whipping up delicious, unhealthy creations. Therefore, the crockpot/slow cooker is a great go-to for my fellow challenged cooks as well as anyone who is looking to simplify the cooking process! I love this mexican chicken recipe because it is SO EASY and requires only 5 ingredients!
-boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-salsa (the freshest, lowest sodium option is best)
-chili pepper
-fire roasted corn/regular corn
-black beans (optional)
-place chicken breasts into crock pot – be sure the chicken breasts are completely thawed if you purchased frozen
-sprinkle chili pepper over the top of the chicken breasts
-pour the slasa over the chicken breasts, so that they are almost or completely covered
-add corn & black beans
-cook on high for 4 hours or low 6-8; stir occasionally
*All amounts of food can be varied depending upon your preference; I used 5-6 large chicken breasts, 1 medium-large sized salsa, 1-1.5cups corn, and 1 can black beans.
*I make two versions – one with and one without black beans so I have both carb and carbless options
*Trader Joe’s sells frozen fire roasted corn, which in phenomenal, but any type of corn will work!
*Feel free to add/subtract any ingredients that you desire

Carb-less Version:
Carb-less Version on a Slice of Ezekiel Bread:
(this was even tastier than with black beans)
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  1. Jentry Nielsen

    This looks and sounds so good! And so healthy! I will definitely be having to try out this recipe soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren Elizabeth

    This is amazing! Made a big pot of it tonight for the week & to freeze! Thanks!! Question though, do you recommend not eating after a certain time of night?

    • Fitness Barbie

      Nope – just limit carbs into the evening. Also, I'm a Lauren Elizabeth too :):)

  3. Anonymous

    Do the beans and corn get mushy from cooking so long?

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