Healthy Burrito Bowl Recipe

I am an absolute Qdoba addict; I just can’t get enough of their chicken burritos and naked chicken burritos! However, I nearly dropped dead when I read the nutrition labels: one burrito (even naked) is around 1000 calories, over 100g carbs, and over 2000mg of sodium. I can’t even type that without having my stomach churn. Still, have no fear – this is no problem that a little bit of time in your kitchen cannot solve. Read on for my homemade and healthy solution.

-Brown rice
-Salad (romaine, spring mix, spinach salad, etc.)
-Fresh salsa
-Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-Lemon or lime
-Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning or McCormick’s fiesta citrus seasoning
-Guacamole/avocado (optional, mashed avocado would be the healthier option)
-Freshly shredded cheese (optional)

-Grill chicken breasts (I have a grill pan, which is the perfect option for easy kitchen cooking, yet still provides that fresh off the grill taste)
-Season both sides of chicken breasts with appropriate seasoning as cooking
-Prepare a bowl of brown rice, salad, corn and fresh salta
-Chop or shred chicken and add to bowl
-Top with a squirt of lemon or lime juice, and optional toppings (cheese, avocado/guacamole)

All ingredients were purchased at Trader Joes; I always buy/prep for more than one meal.
That unsweetened blueberry & pomegranate green tea is delish!
A grill pan is a must! So easy & always yields taste food!
You will be saying gracias to me following this healthy meal 😉
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  1. Joelle

    Very good! Thank you so much for this recipe! I also follow your blog on a daily basis and do your workouts, you are so inspiring! 🙂

  2. Travis Paige

    Great recipe! That Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning is something else. Thanks for the dish!

  3. S. Mark Robinson

    Thanks for the great recipe! You stated this little article by stating you didn't like the high calorie and sodium content of Qdoba's version – what is the nutritional info on this version?

  4. Briana Barone

    Thanks for the recipe ! How much am I supposed to eat? Do you measure or weigh your food? My problem is that I over eat.


  5. Anonymous

    Questions: How many calories cant you approx in the burrito bowl recipe?
    Could the corn in the bag be substituted with canned corn?
    I will be getting ingredients at Kroger so is there a better alternative than canned corn?
    Can regular salsa from a jar work the same as fresh salsa fro the deli section?

    Thanks.. sorry for all the questions.. just found your site & am super excited to try this recipe.

    • Sarah Portella

      Fresh corn is the best but as far as easy and less time, go with frozen veggies. Less sodium and preservatives. 🙂

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