Are you ready for one of the most simple and delicious breakfasts? As you know, my meal prep style is one thing: easy. If there are too many steps or too many ingredients, I’m onto the next thing. This is the perfect option for a quick and decadent breakfast or brunch. I even like to pair it with 1-2 hard boiled eggs!

-Brown rice or Ezekiel bagel (ie: Udis)
-Smoked salmon, lox
-Dairy free cream cheese  (ie: Go Veggie)

-Toast bagel
-Add cream cheese
-Top with salmon/lox

…it’s really that easy ­čÖé

NOTE: Ensure you are making this meal healthy by using the suggested item. This has been one of my favorite breakfasts for years, but the usual refined carbohydrate bagels and high cal/high fat cream cheese with a laundry list of additives quickly turns this meal from healthy to unhealthy.

Bagel – The Ezekiel bagels are a type of sprouted grain, making them a healthier and slower digesting carbohydrate source. The brown rice bagel is a healthier option for the above reasons, and also is gluten free; I choose the Udi’s brand bagel. Both types contain very few ingredients.

Cream cheese – The Go Veggie dairy free brand of cream cheese lists water and coconut oil as the first two ingredients. Remember, the order of ingredients is an indication of how much is actually in there (first ingredient = main ingredient). The taste and consistency is on point with traditional cream cheese. I’ve found other healthy – dairy and dairy free – options in the grocery stores; take a look at the nutrition label, and you be the judge!

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  1. Heather

    OMG! This looks amazing!

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