This Hanging Abs + Oblique Workout is Sculpting My Core

hanging ab workout lauren gleisberg

This is the best ab workout I’ve done in a realllllly long time! It’s a hanging abs workout, so all you’ll need is some sort of pull up bar or anything you can hold onto that gets your feet a few inches off the ground.

I used to hate doing ab workouts. I’m an in and out of the gym type girl. I usually do a quick ab workout at the end of my workouts, so when I’m in a rush, it gets bumped off the list.
Lately, I’ve been doing lots of ab workout: up to 3 per week. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m seeing progress and definition in my core muscles. Or, maybe it’s just because I’ve been enjoying challenging myself. Whatever the reason… I’m here for it!
I shared THIS Hanging Abs Workout on Instagram and it seemed to be a hit, so I wanted to provide a full workout you could save to your Pinterest, phone and provide additional training tips!


If you like a quick burst of intensity like me. Try 1-2 rounds of this. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, go for 3-4 rounds. 
hanging abs and obliques workout


Here’s an image you can easily save to your phone to reference when you’re working out. In fact, I created a folder in my phone called “workouts” and I save all sorts of ideas there. I screen shot my workouts for the week and I can easily reference them.

hanging ab workout summary


Here are a few form tips to keep in mind…


As you hang, engage your upper back muscles; I like to think of squeezing a pencil between my shoulder blazes. This moves your shoulders down away from your ears. Your legs should be straight down. And, very importantly, you should be motionless.


This exercise not only works your entire core:

  • your “six pack” muscles aka the rectus abdominis
  • the transverse abdominis muscles, which are the deepest ab muscles
  • external and internal obliques also help stabilize you during the move

Squeeze your legs together, bend your knees and use your core to pull your knees up and into your stomach. Pause and slowly lower back down. Do your best not to sway or move around.


To set up, follow the started form detailed above. Raise your right leg up, keeping your leg as straight as possible. Only raise to the height you feel comfortable. As you slowly lower the right leg, raise the left leg. Continue on, keeping control throughout the movement.


This is a “side crunch” and it primarily targets your obliques on either side of your core. 

Begin in the starting form described above. Squeeze your legs together, slightly rotate your hips to twist your torso to one side. Bend your knees and raise them into your belly. Pause and slowly lower down.


This is one of the most common yet underrated ab movements. It becomes incredibly difficult at the end of a workout like this one.
Place your forearms on the ground. Your shoulders should be stacked right above your elbows and your arms should be parallel to your body.
Plant your toes into the floor. Squeeze your glutes. Straighten your spine. I like to look at a spot on the floor that is about 1 foot in front of my hands to help align my back. Hold for as long as you can.

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best lower ab workout lauren gleisberg

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  1. Shannon

    What if we don’t have anything to having from? Would this workout still be good on the floor or do you have any other alternatives if we don’t have a spot to hang from? Thank you for your time! ?

  2. Shannon

    *hang not having ☺️

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