Glutes & Plyometrics | Lower Body & Cardio Workout

Day 13 of the Spring Workout Calendar Plan and this leg workout is definitely going to challenge you. It combines glute isolating moves, compound leg exercises and plyometrics to work the entire lower body and challenge your cardio endurance. Take rests when needed because I definitely needed to!


Also, if you’re struggling with that lost hour of sleep and a bit of an off schedule, I have 3 things to help you with that today…



1. FOCUS ON PROTEIN: even a slight time change can affect our appetites. Protein is the macronutrient most responsible for satiety aka the full feeling. Protein will help provide steady energy and can help curb cravings.

2. SCREEN-FREE BEDTIME: instead of watching TV or scrolling on the phone before bed, opt for something else like a book .

3. REDUCE CAFFEINE MID-DAY: I get you… I drank an extra cup of coffee too on Sunday but that’s not exactly the best approach. It’s reported that the half life of caffeine is about 6 hours and even though we think “oh it doesn’t affect my sleep,” it can actually prevent us from getting into deep sleep. After mid-day/early afternoon, stop the caffeinated beverages.


Here is today’s workout…


lauren gleisberg doing a leg and butt workout



If you’re looking for a workout plan that focuses on getting fit and shedding fat through quick, effective workouts, download the free calendar and follow along HERE

spring break workout calendar plan

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