Fitmas Challenge: Chest + Triceps (W2D1)

Week 2 Day 1 – it’s a new week and the perfect opportunity to jump right back into the swing of things. After a Thanksgiving celebration, you may feel you need to “make up” for any extra eating or missed workout but I want you to shake that mindset right now.

This is a lifestyle… our lifestyle. One bad day or one bad week will not make or break you just like one good day or one good week won’t give you instant results. Today, workout because you love it and you love the way it makes you feel. 

This chest and triceps workout is fast paced. I love the combination of the weighted exercises with bodyweight resistance moves and some cardio tossed in there. 


[ ] Blog Workout: chest + triceps

[ ] Video Workout Plan: triceps workout video

lauren gleisberg doing an upper body workout for women


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