Fall Challenge: Legs + Abs Workout (W1D1)

Day 1 and the motivation is real. Today’s legs and abs workout is the beginning of many challenging, result-driven workouts to come.


Here is what you need to know:

  • Each workout should take you ~30 minutes
  • There are gym and home versions below so pick your preference
  • Before or after the weighted workout, complete the  Glute Guide add on workout


Before you begin, I just want you to take a moment and think…

I am asking you for 30 minutes for the next 5 weeks. 30 minutes is just 2% of your day. I want you to make this commitment for yourself and no one else.

In 5 weeks, imagine looking in the mirror and flexing those muscles. See your strength… inside and out. Feel what it feels like to wake up with energy, purpose and excitement for the day. Feel what it feels to go to bed with satisfaction. Feel GOOD! You deserve that.

You deserve to look and feel amazing. You deserve to learn and experience healthy living that is fun and rewarding. You will see results beyond what you thought you could… commit and enjoy the process!




legs and abs workout





get the glute guide here

lauren gleisberg barbell hip thrust




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