ConfidenceKini Challenge: Glutes (W2D6)

Today’s To-Do List:
[ ] Weighted Workout: Kettlebell Booty
[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Kettlebell Booty

  • For all unilateral movements, complete the suggested reps on each side


Daily Photo Challenge
DRINK: whether it’s a drink from the coffee shop, one you make at home or an adult drink you enjoy, share your favorite healthIER drink recipe!

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini
My Favorite Drinks:

  • Starbucks Cold Drink: half passion, half green unsweetened iced tea
  • Starbucks Warm Drink: chai tea latte made with a chai tea bag (not the mix) using nonfat or coconut milk
  • Cocktail: vodka, diet white soda, lime + champagne
Community Check In #LGTeamKini
To hold yourself accountable, check in with the community on Instagram!
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