ConfidenceKini- Cardio & Abs (W2D2)

Already a little break for you – well, sort of. not really haha. Today is cardio and abs day and I really want you to focus on NOT lifting today. Our bodies see results when they properly rest and recover so enjoy the 30 minutes of low intensity cardio (no sprinting, hills, hard core stuff today lol). Finish with the ab workout – it’s so so good!

lauren gleisberg confidencekini challenge
FAVORITE MEAL PLAN MEAL: I’ve shared so many recipes over the years. About once a week, I see a community member share a recipe that I haven’t made in forever. I make it and it becomes my new favorite. Today, I challenge you to find your favorite meal that I’ve shared and share that with the community for some food inspo. Bonus points if you make it today! Meal Plan ->  here  Hashtag #LGTeamKini and #LGAccountability tag me @laurengleisberg so I can be sure to see it too!
BUILD YOUR HOME GYM ON ANY BUDGET – whether you have $50, $100, $250, $500, more or less to allocate to your gym, I’m breaking down exactly what I have/what I suggest to get fit and lose fat/weight right at home. See it HERE
 lauren gleisberg home gym rogue rack

Join in the challenge! It’s not too late!
The ConfidenceKini Challenge is 5 week fitness, food and lifestyle challenge. This spring challenge will help you shed weight and fat, gain muscle, see definition and most importantly, feel confident in your skin!
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Take your challenge experience and results to the next level with these premium challenge features and exclusives! They’re for the girl who is serious about results inside and out: seeing muscle definition and shedding fat.
It’s the only way to get the brand new AB PLAN!



Premium Challenge Bundle (includes Ab Plan + Meal Plan)

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