Cardio & Core (#LGKickStartFit Day 16) – 1/20

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My Workout Check In: 
If I can be totally honest, sometimes when I go the gym, I think more about the workout I’m creating for all of you than I do about getting in a good workout for myself. I have to remember that I workout for myself and my well-being; I enjoy being fit and lean, but I care most about how my mind and body feel and working out helps me feel absolutely amazing! To participate in today’s challenge…my goal this week is to prioritize my health!
Top & Pants: Lululemon | Shoes: Asics 
Healthy Habit #16: (( LOVE ))
We all develop an interest in furthering our physical fitness and improving our health for various reasons. I’ll share with you a personal example. When I first started going to the gym ((as a high school teenager)), my goals were completely superficial. I wanted visible abs and I wanted to look good in a bikini and skinny jeans. I can also recall that I gained motivation from the wrong places; I was fueled by people’s negative comments and I worked to prove others wrong. I received a lot of remarks like “oh look at Lauren’s healthy food” and “I’m sure you worked out today” ((as if it’s a bad thing lol)) However, I hung onto those comments, which I thought was helpful, but in reality it just brought me down. Can you relate?? Perhaps it’s the petty competition you have with a someone at work or another mom on your kid’s sports team, or maybe it’s the desire to show your ex what he is missing. When we motivate ourselves in such ways, our hearts are heavy. We must cultivate a habit of filling our hearts with love. How about we stop proving our haters wrong and start proving our supporters right?! I promise that you will literally feel lighter when you let go of that negativity!

Challenge: Share your favorite quote that keeps your perspective on the side of filling your heart with love!
Check In:  Stay
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  1. M.E.G.

    Hello! Are you supposed to hold the planks during the core workout? Thank you!!!

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