Barbell Leg Workout + My Fav At Home Barbell Set

A barbell in my home gym has become an essential piece. Long gone are the days when home workouts meant you couldn’t use equipment. It probably goes without saying that I’m all about the weights. Weight training is totally where it’s at if you’re looking to sculpt a fit body.
I really like to talk about workouts and workout styles as correlating to a desired physical goal. Not everyone has the same physical goals, so for those who are looking to achieve a fit, lean and strong appearance (not just skinny), I’ve found weight training is the most effective route to achieve that.
Weight training can but doesn’t have to be more difficult to do from home. There are so many practical and affordable options for fitness equipment that you can use right at home. My two top equipment suggestions would be an adjustable dumbbell set and an adjustable barbell set.
THIS barbell set (this one I linked is actually a dumbbell/barbell combo) is one my husband, Anthony got me for Christmas this year. A standard barbell (or “Olympic barbell” as it’s properly called) is 7 feet long and 45 pounds. That’s a great option if you have the space, but most of us need more compact options, which is why I love the little barbell set I suggested. It’s shorter (perfect for storage!) and lighter (which I love for upper body movements) but you can really build it up for a challenging workout.
I put together this barbell leg workout that you can complete at home or in the gym!

Can I add a little chit chat / girl talk to these blog posts? Lately, I’ve been reading more blogs and watching more YouTube videos and realized the ones I enjoy the most are the that add normal, daily conversations to their content. I’ll go to a fashion blog because I loved the outfit but stay on it because I enjoy the girl talk included in the post. We all chat together so much on social media so I thought I would continue the conversation on here.
This week is a pretty crazy (but amazing!) week. We have two doctor appointments for our baby and one of them is the glucose/gestational diabetes test. I keep hearing 2 things: 1) the drink is disgusting and 2) you’ll never feel your baby kick and move more. I’m not worried about the drink… it will be over in a minute but I’m so looking forward to feeling all his movements. We are also taking a Newborn Care class on Tuesday. Hopefully, we (more like Anthony lol) don’t get too sick of all the classes I signed us up for because there are like 4 or 5 lol. 
You likely already know this if you follow my Snapchat but Anthony and I got hooked on Prison Break. One weekend, we watched 24 episode in 3 days… now that’s a Netflix binge I probably shouldn’t brag about haha. I loved season 1 + 2 but season 3 was so boring. I felt like it was a repeat of the original storyline. Someone snapped me that during season 3 the writers were on strike, which makes sense as to why it felt so blah. We are half way through season 4 now and I’m loving it again! I can’t wait for season 5 to come out next month. So, this week is a whole lot of exciting work projects, baby appointments and Netflix.
Chat with y’all soon!

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