All you’ll need for this workout is a bench! Be sure to bring the intensity because while this circuit is short, it’s challenging! Your abs will be burning. The cardio will kick your booty. BUT, it’s all worth it!

lauren gleisberg doing an ab and cardio circuit workout
Yesterday, I wrote THIS post on 6 Super Simple Ways I Motivate Myself to Workout. One thing I totally forgot to mention is another tip I have on easing back into a fitness routine when you’ve taken time away. Because…. we’ve all been there. 
It may be a week away for vacation, a few days off when life gets hectic or you may not even be able to remember the last time you saw a gym… ease back in with a short workout. The thought of spending an hour or more at a gym will likely keep you from going when you’re low on motivation. So, just commit to a 20 minute workout.
The workout I’m sharing today is one you can complete in 20 minutes! It’s also so intense, I didn’t want to do more than 20 minutes lol. I’m a big believer in the quality of a workout over the length of time!


30 seconds: scissor kicks + butt ups
30 seconds: bench hop overs
1 minute: complete rest
30 seconds: knee in + outs
30 seconds: step up hops
1 minute: complete rest
30 seconds: decline toe taps
30 seconds: incline mountain climbers
1 minutes: complete rest
…complete 3 total rounds
I hope you like this circuit. I think I’m going to start sharing more workouts of varying lengths. AND, eventually, my OCD-loving self would love to organize workouts on my website not only by targeted muscle but also by the length of time. For example: 20 mins, 30, mins, 45 mins, 1 hour. Would you find that helpful? Let me know in the comments! Any other way you’d like to see them arranged??

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