Weekly Meal Plan (Feb 23-29)

Happy Weekend! Below you will find a blueprint of what I am cooking this week. My new weekend approach is to enjoy Saturday as a day of run and rest… whether it’s taking a nap when my kids nap or enjoying a night out, I’m going with the flow of *fun.* On Sundays, I am all about productivity and setting myself up for a week that runs smoothing, including what we will be eating. I hope this helps you plan too!


Meal planning is exactly as it sounds: planning your meals ahead of time. For me, I plan out all my dinners and then just think of some breakfast and snack options. 
I plan it out exactly as you’ll see below. I check what i have on hand and i’ll grocery shop for any necessary items.


Many of the recipes that I will reference in these eating + meal planning posts can be found in my Meal Plan. As part of my meal plan, I send weekly cookbooks out each week of the challenge, so this is how I am incorporating those recipes into what I am eating this week.
I HIGHLY recommend this plan to those women who want to see results through food. It’s an easy-to-follow eating approach that teaches you macro combinations, portions + even optimal timing. Yet, you’ll still be eating your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, cookies, chips and chocolate (seriously!)


I like to cook a fresh, different dinner each night. This approach is magic because…

  • I actually get to enjoy a just-made delicious dinner (that’s quick to make, typical LG style) 
  • my cravings kick in at night and having a delicious dinner helps curb my PM cravings + snacking
  • I double the recipe so that I always have leftovers for the follow day’s lunch 

Here’s what I’ll be cooking this week. If you’re following my approach, don’t forget to double your serving while you cook to have a healthy, reheatable lunch option for the next day.
Just a reminder that recipes I reference below are found in this Meal Plan.
BREAKFAST – my family is ALLLLL about breakfast for dinner…or really breakfast food any time of the day. I did this last week and when I tell you my family loves it, we’re doing it again this week!
Here’s what I’m planning on:

  • eggs + eggs whites (I like 2 eggs, 1 egg white ratios)
  • ham, chopped
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • seasoned salt (Lawry’s)
  • Van’s waffles topped with sliced strawberries
  • Turkey bacon (I love it extra crunchy, cooked in the microwave)

Chicken is such a stable in our household. I love how versatile chicken meals are. This one is no different. The peprika, cumin, onion & garlic powder spices season the chicken perfectly. Top that with the homemade salsa and you have a clean fresh mediterranean tasting dish.
recipe found in Spring Cookbook 2019

LOADED BAKE POTATO AND CHICKEN CASSEROLE – This casserole combines everything you love about a loaded baked potatoes with the convince of a casserole dish. This meal is a quick chop, assemble, and bake recipe and has chicken to help make it a balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate meal.
find the free recipe HERE

CROCKPOT LASAGNA SOUP – A nice warm and tasty crockpot soup that will fill you up and likely leave you with lots of leftovers for the week.
recipe found in Holiday 2018 cookbook

thursdayBLT LETTUCE WRAPS – skip the bread and enjoy a guilt free BLT. Super easy meal to make and surprisingly much more satisfying and filling than you’d think. Feel free to top with avocado to add some healthier fats and “beef” up the meal.
recipe Spring 2018 Cookbook

EASY PARMESAN LEMMON RISOTTO  – growing up my mom would always make our family a risotto. So much so that we had it too much, where we no longer craved it anymore. However, this one is absolutely delicious! The parmesan and lemon add just the right accent to the risotto. 
recipe found in Spring Cookbook 2019

TREAT MEAL! I use Saturday night as a time to enjoy treats – go ahead and enjoy! Share what you’re indulging in on social and tag me because I am all about it haha.

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