Super Bowl Weekend is upon us and I wanted to share 4 recipes that are delicious but also quick and easy to make in case you need something last minute!


When it comes to the super bowl, I find people fit into 1 of 4 categories:

1) your team made it to the super bowl and you’re legit freaking out

2) you’re watching and enjoying a super bowl party

3) you only care about the halftime show

4) you could literally care less

Personally, I’m a little bit of all 4 haha. My husband, Anthony is a Patriots and Packer fan, so by marriage, I guess I’m the same.

Well, we are packers fans because we grew up in Wisconsin. We actually went to St. Norbert College which is like ten minutes from Lambeau Field. It’s a “smaller town” type of life right outside of Green Bay and the Packers actually stayed in our college dorms during the summer for camp. Crazy, right?! We ran into so many players just living up there; it’s very cool if you’re into the NFL (I’m not so much lol).

As for the Patriots… you either love Tom Brady and the Pats or you absolutely despise them haha. Anthony is fan but he gets so much hate from his friend (and random people!). I dislike when he wears his Patriots hat when we go out; just the other day, some guy at the grocery store joked about deflating the ball.

All of that to say… we will be watching and rooting for the Patriots. How about you??

Back to the food… I almost forgot this is a recipe post haha!


THIS RECIPE IS FOR YOU IF: you need to bring an appetizer to a party or make one but you have zero time or if you enjoy a dip that is actually healthier

chips dip and salsa


THIS RECIPE IS FOR YOU IF: you’re looking for a more substantial party snack and one that is actually pretty cute (but also tasty!) to serve


THIS RECIPE IS FOR YOU IF: you want to enjoy! This dip is gooooood and while it’s not super healthy, it’s definitely on the lighter side without taking away the great taste.


THIS RECIPE IS FOR YOU IF: you want a meal to eat during the game. This recipe is so easy because you can actually prep everything when you have time and freeze it. Then, the day of the game, dump everything from the bag into your crockpot and let it do it’s thing!

If you make one of these recipes, let me know what you and your crew thought about it! Happy Super Bowl weekend to you!



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