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I started Lauren’s plans in the gym and now I’m working out exclusively from home. I LOVE all the plans I’ve done. They are challenging, efficient and fun! I have kids yet always find time to get her workouts in.

Carrie Lind

I have never felt stronger and more confident in my body. More importantly I have never been happier! The emotional benefits of her plans and community have been the greatest gift she could give me.

Casey Carroll

After having kids, I needed quick workouts that were effective. Thank you for making such amazing plans and an amazing community. I love the way you use your platform.

Kim Nuzie

Finding Lauren’s workouts & cookbooks have changed my life. Instead of focusing on making myself smaller, she encourages you to lift heavy & push yourself to your limits! These plans make me feel strong and accomplished!

Lauren Darling
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We are a group of supportive, passionate, fun-loving women who come together to inspire and be inspired by each other through sharing our real journeys.
Why do we do this? Accountability, of course! Participating in the community not only holds you accountable, but also makes the journey fun and enjoyable!

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