My Current Nutrition + Workout Routine (Spring 2020)

Quick update on what my current food and workout routine looks like. Maybe it’s the warmer weather… maybe it’s that I’ve felt “off” of a good routine for too long… but, for whatever reason, my inner fire for workout and nutrition has never burned brighter. I know how contagious that energy can be, so I wanted to share what my current routine looks like.

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WEIGHT TRAINING PLAN X (gym version, home version)
I am currently following this plan for traditional weight training workouts with a tiny twist. 4 days per week, I do weighted workouts with a bit of cardio sprinkled in. And, 1 day each week, there’s an X-treme workout in the plan, which is a circuit of weights, cardio, abs and more. It’s an enjoyable yet challenging switch up.
Both the gym + home plans follow the same schedule, so I’m using the gym plan about 80% and home plan 20% of the time.
I am adding this plan on 3 days/week and the workouts take me 10-12 minutes. This is the ultimate type of core training and workouts I will include in my routine forever.
One thing I’m doing differently is adding in more “traditional cardio” such as walking, jogging, spinning, stairs, etc. I set a weekly cardio goal, such as 1 or 1.5 or. Then, I break that big number up throughout the week. Some weeks, I may knock out 2, 30 minute sessions.  Other weeks, I may do 15 minutes of walking, 4 days/week. This structure gives me flexibility.


I’ve followed intermittent fasting (IF) on and off for years. I see great results while following it. And, I see great results when I don’t follow it. The real benefit for me is that it curtails my cravings and snacking. I love to snack, especially late at night, so the shorter eating window helps cut down on the snacking (+extra calories).
all about Intermittent Fasting here
Whether I am following IF or not, the most important nutrition component for me is overall consumption. How much I eat in a day dictates 1) how I look 2) my energy level and 3) how my body feels and preforms.  I follow the 3 “guidelines” in my Meal Plan and am currently testing a bit more of a macro-based approach that I will share more on what I feel that I’ve nailed it.
I am trying to cook more *from scratch* at home. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of short-cut meals (ex: Annie’s brand microwave pasta dish + rotisserie chicken). That’s not bad but I know I can do better with cooking for myself and incorporation more nutritious food items.

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