#LGFitmas Challenge: Biceps, Triceps + Abs (W3D2)



Watch a few quick clips of some of the above exercises HERE
Tasty Tuesday Tip of the Day:┬áHealthy snacking… is it possible?! YES! I’ve never really shared my snacking secret before because, well, I know I shouldn’t really be doing it but it happens and I want you to know how to snack on track ­čśë So here’s what I do… if I find myself with a few Hot Tamales in my hand ()those have been my latest craving; flaming hot cheetos, who?! just kidding ;))
I take note of two things:
1) Which Eat Your Way Lean food plate section that snack would fall into
2) How many servings (using our portion hand guide) I had of that <- this is usually the scary one lol
After I have those answers, I tweak later meals by removing those from my food plates. For instance, let’s say I found this super delicious kettle corn with drizzled chocolate at Whole Foods the other day ((hypothetically lol)) and let’s say ((again hypothetically)) that I ate mistakenly ate a quarter of the bag. That would count as one serving of carbohydrates; therefore, at meal #4, I would leave the┬ácarbohydrate portion out of my food plate to stay on track.
Now, keep in mind that this is just when I’m snacking on track. There are times the serving would exceed what I should have in a day, oops lol and I just count it as a treat and move on┬águilt free!┬áStill, I hope you find this snack on track secret helpful for when you do a bit of snacking and need a healthy way to jump right back into the meal plan!

Now…. if you need a snack that will surely keep you on track. Today’s Tasty Tuesday recipe is going to blow…. your…. mind! Scroll down!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 5.06.57 PM


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.31.08 AM

It’s not to late to join in on this challenge!

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