FRIDAY FIVE: 5 Things to do in September to Improve Your Wellness

My Friday Five series is a casual, chatty post that includes 5 items – sometimes they have a theme like 5 things to do in September to improve your wellness or my 5 favorite Amazon purchases of the month. Other weeks, it’s completely random.  

There’s something about the back to school time that reinvigorates me. I’ve always loved buying school supplies, color coordinating my class schedule with my notebooks/folders, and getting organized. 
This month, I am hoping to up my wellness game. Habits – good or bad – form fast. I know if I do these 5 things, they’ll become a part of my healthy habits that will cement into my daily routine.
Okay, here’s what I’m doing…
This is something I have memories of doing with my mom. Growing up in Wisconsin, we had a  wardrobe for each season because it goes from 85 degrees in the summer to below zero in winter (as I type that I’m sitting in my Houston home where it is currently 100 degrees out – I miss those seasons). Anyways, twice a year, we would change over our closets, switching the spring/summer and fall/winter clothing.
As an adult, I like to do a similar shift with the seasons. Also, you may have heard me talking about how I’m in this huge purging/less is more phase and starting a “capsule wardrobe” – you can read more here
This month, I am taking EVERYTHING out of my closet.
Items go in 1 of 3 categories:

  • out of season
  • in season
  • gift/donate

OUT OF SEASON ITEMS: I have mostly hanging space in my closet but it’s jammed pack, so this year, everything that is out of season is getting folded (so it’s still accessible but not as much as my hanging items).
IN SEASON: these items go on hangers and are categorized by: workout, tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, and sweaters. I then color coordinate within categories. All bottoms get folded.
GIFT/DONATE: on IG stories a week ago, I asked if you had recommendations for clothing donations because I am much more likely to get rid of items if it’s going to a good cause. I found a local place that dresses women who are looking to get in the workforce but don’t have the means to dress appropriately. I’m going to be taking quite a few baskets there.
I feel like closet organization would make for a full blog post so let me know if you’d want to see a post on that in the comments section

First things first, I am 110% on the grocery delivery bandwagon. It was free at HEB, my local grocery store, for a few months and I’m hooked. Even when it jumps to the $4.95, I’m going to do it because it frees up more time for me to meal plan (which saves me money!)
Every weekend, I “meal plan” which just means I pick out a dinner that I’m going to cook each night. I’ll also think of a few breakfasts and snack ideas. I’ll check to see what I have on hand and then I shop for the remaining items. 
Benefits of Meal Planning:

  • Time Saving – every night, I know what I’m going to cook so I don’t waste time thinking about it
  • Money Saving – I use up all the groceries I buy and I don’t buy more than I need
  • Healthy Meals – if I plan ahead for healthy meals, I actually eat healthy meals
  • Accomplishment – most of all, I thrive off of setting small goals and achieving them; this is a small accomplishment for my week and helps me feel very productive and in my groove
Gardening is a huge passion of mine. From planning out what I’ll be planting to getting it all at the gardening store and maintaining it… it’s become not only a hobby but also it is very cathartic for me. 
In attempting to cook more healthy dinners at home, I am noticing myself buying fresh herbs regularly (and darn, those are pricey at the grocery store!) So, I decided to start an herb garden of my own.
It also think it will be fun to do as a family and get my 2 year old son, Leo involved in watering and picking the herbs. 
I’ll keep you posted on what I plant and how I plant – any gardening experts out there, please comment your tips!
Here’s something quite interesting I’ve noticed – I go through phases where I want to go harder with my workouts and stay tighter with my meals. 
WHAT I THOUGHT THAT REQUIRED: I thought that in order to put more focus into workouts/food, I would have to dedicate more time to the gym and spend less time- eating out, going out, having spontaneous plans, etc.
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS: when I put more energy into my life outside of the gym… family activities, dinner and drinks with friends, weekend getaways with my husband, I somehow end up with an increased dedication for my workouts and healthy meals. It’s as if my personal cup is filled and I have more to spill into my workouts and cooking!
With that said, here are a few things I am getting on my calendar…
My husband and I are heading to Oklahoma next weekend to see Sebastian Maniscalco + enjoy a couples weekend 
I’m officially starting one with my friends. I feel like planning a monthly dinner with the same group holds me accountable to get out. Depending on what stage of life you are in, going out may be your usual. I’m a mom to 2 littles and right now, it’s “easier” to stay in, so I think this will be a smart way to do more with friends this fall. 
The pumpkin patch, bonfires, apple picking, football games, Oktoberfest, early Christmas shopping (don’t get me started there!) I want to get very seasonal with my activities. 
Here’s the thing… I don’t just want to talk about that. I want to dedicate a morning to planning it out and putting it on the calendar. I talk about a lot of things I want to do but I need to actually plan and do it, you know what I mean?!
There had to be one cheesy item on the list, right?! I’ve gotten into a bad summer habit of waking up as late as possible in order to still be on time.
My goal is to wake up 15 minutes earlier, but I would ideally like to be up a full 30 minutes earlier than where I am at currently.
I don’t think your exact wake up time matters; it just makes a difference when you can do some sort of AM routine that sets the tone of your day (and not rush through it).
These are 5 things I’m doing this month. There not technically “health and fitness” but I know that these items will help my overall wellbeing and I hope it helps improve your wellness too!

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  1. Paula

    Hi Lauren! Love this idea of the change over and closet organization!
    I’m trying to start my huge purging/less is more phase but I find it SO OVERWHELMING. Starting a “capsule wardrobe” – would be great!!
    Would you se so kind to share more about it and new fall stuff you have bought recently?
    Many thanks,

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