The Friday Five is elevating to EIGHT today in honor of closing out 2018. Normally, every Friday I share a “Friday Five” blog post with 5 things I am into that week. This is one of my favorite types of posts to write because I feel like it’s the 2 of us as girlfriends sitting down over lunch to chat products, books, shows and random things.

Let’s talk… Amazon aka my right hand woman. I probably order from Amazon every other day… household cleaning products, a $25 dress for my Christmas card photos, just about anything and everything. I am oddly into reading people’s picks for Amazon purchases so I thought I would share some of my favorites from this past year.

I ordered these over and over this past year and I’m sure you’ve seen me using them 246x on Instagram stories. I first bought them for my son so we could take his snacks out and about more easily. I reordered when I realized how much we loved them. Now, I use them and purchased some for myself. They have adorable pink ones, ones with dividers, and a variety-sized pack.
Instant obsession. If you like to pack efficiently and stay organized when you travel, you need these. The pack I bought and linked here has a good variety of sizes… on my trip to Aspen, I used one for sweaters, one for workout clothing, one for PJs, one for bras and underwear, etc. I got myself a pink set, my son a blue and my husband the gray to further the organization. The thing I was most surprised about was how much they hold. I initially opened and thought… what a waste, my sweaters will never fit in there. BUT, they deceivingly hold so much! 
One of my favorite gym purchases of the year and it was probably the least expensive too. These mini bands have enhanced the burn during many of my workouts, especially for legs and glutes. HERE and HERE are 2 workout videos I’ve shared that you can reference for how to include these bands into your training.
You know I am all about a morning and evening routine, right?! This post is the most recent one I’ve done on my 16 min AM routine. Anyway, in 2018 I struggled with anxiety more than I ever have in my entire life. I noticed one thing that really helps is making sure that when I wake up each day my space if neat and tidy. I don’t mean that my house looks like a professional maid just left but it helps when my vanity is clear, when the kitchen is presentable, etc. I . bought this necklace holder  because I noticed my necklaces were cluttering my bathroom countertop. I LOVE it! It’s beautiful. It’s inexpensive. It keeps you organized. 
This was a big year for me when it came to headphones lol. I switched from ones I used for YEARS to airpods (full review on the best headphones for working out here). The one thing that terrified me about Air Pods is that they’re so stinkin’ small and I feel like i’m going to lose them. This $9.99 cover protects the case/charger and allows you to clip them right onto your keys or gym bag so you don’t lose them!
6. $450 $8 SUNGLASSES
I was shopping at Nordstrom one day, saw the cutest pair of heart-shaped sunnies, noticed the $450 price tag and immediately walked away lol. I found these look-a-likes on Amazon for $8 and I wear them all the time! I get SO MANY compliments when I wear these and can’t recommend them enough to pair with a fun outfit.
I have the best workouts when I wear a hat. And, after years of searching, I’ve found the best workout hat. If you haven’t jumped on the hat for a workout bandwagon, you have to read this post for why it’s so good!
I could not not include the bed sheets I have been raving about for the entire year of 2018. I’ve shared these 50+ times on social. They have almost 50,000 positive reviews. 1000s of you have purchased them yourself. I receive messages daily asking to share the link again. I even wrote an entire blog post reviewing them. Basically, if you want the comfiest bed sheets that feel like pure luxury for $25, get these.

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