Here’s to a post that always hits my “most read” blog post list… my Best Amazon Purchases of the Month.

I’m not sure if it’s officially official but I heard Amazon was changing its prime membership from free 2 day shipping to free next day shipping. Has that rolled out already?! A lot of my orders seem to be arriving the next day. As if I wasn’t already obsessed…

Okay, without further a due… below are my favorite (non-sponsored!) Amazon prime purchases from this past month. 

favorite amazon purchases sunglasses hair dryer book
This isn’t the first time I’ve shared the YumEarth brand before. In fact, I think I’ve even shared the organic strawberry licorice bites before but recently, I tried the black licorice. I love them but I mostly love them because I only want a few!
Snacking Tip…
I am a snacker. I could eat snacks all day over real meals. 
Instead of finding healthy snacks that aren’t satisfying, I opt for snacks I actually enjoy; I find that I eat less, enjoy more and then get on with my day.
These black licorice bites are satisfying and I only want a few. They’re definitely worth a try.
Only problem is that I had to order a pack of 12 lol.

Hands down… the best financial book I’ve ever read.
Book Summary: it teaches you (regardless of how much you earn) how to spend, save and plan for a future of your dreams.
My husband and I had those uncomfortable money talks very early on in our relationship because finances can drive a wedge in most people’s relationships and lives. 
The Latte Factor hits home because it’s very much how we save/spend/invest. 
I appreciate books that convey an important message in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to read. That’s what this book is.
Why I love this book so much…

  • fast read… I read it in a day
  • instead of boring facts, the book is a story with characters
  • they’re healthy money tips that anyone can apply regardless of income level
  • if you look up the latte factor podcast, I’m pretty certain he reads a first bit of the book if you’d like a preview

3. $11 SUNGLASSES (here)
Several years ago, I splurged on a pair of Celine sunglasses that nearly gave my husband a panic attack over.
These $11 options are near identical of those sunglasses.
The shape is perfect… they’re chic and flattering on so many different face shapes. I get so much use out of my Celines + these. And, every time I do so many of you ask for details on them.
I purchased these (twice!). The quality is good and the look is great.
There are details that are a bit different from the Celine version but I wear these all of the time and love that I don’t worry when I can’t find them or when my toddler has them in his hands.

Another healthy snacking tip! 
I initially bought these for my son + his love of popsicles. I wanted to be able to make lower sugar, all natural options for him.
Then, I realized I could use this for just about everything I like from teas to BCAAs and even adult beverages lol. These are great and easily fit in the freezer (unlike some other popsicle molds that have to stand upright).

I’ve purchased this over and over.
It was the top-rated natural laundry detergent I could find on Amazon. The reason I bought it was because people said that it actually cleans.
I’m all for natural products BUT they have to work, right?!

Normally, I pick my top 5 favorite purchases of the month. This product is listed at the 6th spot yet it was probably my best Amazon purchase of the month. It truly lives up to the hype – a salon quality blow out from home (dries + styles in 1 product)
However, I did an entire blog post with a full review + tip on how to use to best keep your health healthy/protected…
read that blog post here
I’ll keep this description sweet so just hope to that linked blog post if you’re interested in this hair dryer brush.

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