Why hello, week 4. Fitmas and this holiday season are in full swing. If you’re feeling the pressure, you’re not alone. This past week, my husband and I took Leo to Aspen to spend time together before we become a family of 4 soon. It was beyond magical (more photos here) but getting back in the swign of things is hard. We have parties this weekend and next weekend. Breakfast with Santa is this Sunday. I couldn’t love it more but jam packed, right?!

Here’s my plan… today, I am taking 20 minutes to really sit down and plan out my week. My goal is to get in all 4 lifting workouts and if I can, I’ll complete the cardio but no guilt if not. I am also going to pick 5 entrees to make this week for dinner. I’m not prepping anything but I will ensure I have all the necessary ingredients and hit the grocery store if I need something. I’ll double the quantity of each dinner so I have a healthy lunch the following day. Steal my plan if you want because I know that enjoying this season also means I have to feel my best. So, let’s do exactly that!

What is a schedule overview?
This schedule overview is the week at a glance. It will show you what muscle groups we are working each day. Feel free to write these items in your planner, so you can mentally prepare for each workout ahead of time. 

When and where will I find the workout of the day?
Your Fitmas Challenge workouts will be posted right here every morning (actually, they will be posted really late the night prior) to accommodate those workout out early in the day. Simply swing by here every AM for your workout.
For the Premium Challenge Pack girls, you have access to ALL the challenge workouts ahead of time so feel free to use your guide.



lauren gleisberg shoulders + triceps workout


lauren gleisberg back + biceps workout



lauren gleisberg legs + butt at home workout



lauren gleisberg hiit cardio + abs at home workout



lauren gleisberg upper body at home workout



30 mins LISS OR “catch up” workout (OPTIONAL)


Workout of the Day: REST


Meal Plan Members, you should have already received your Meal Menu for this week. 5 recipes per week = my goal is to cook 1 of these new and delicious recipes each day.
You can join the meal plan today and instantly receive access to your Week 4 Meal Menu!


  • Creamy Bacon Chicken
  • Creamy Brussels Sprouts
  • Ground Beef Stroganoff
  • Meatless Stroganoff
  • Peppermint Brownies


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus
lauren gleisberg fitmas challenge




Premium Challenge Pack + Meal Plan Bundle [SAVE 15%]

Holiday Meal Menus included 

$60  $50

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